EC/PO 355 - International Political Economy and the New World Order

Combining knowledge from both political science and economics, IPE contributes to our understanding of the global economy. By integrating the local, the national, and the global scale, IPE makes it possible to grasp the complex interplay of international political and economic dynamics in a profound and holistic way. In this sense, this course seeks to improve students’ abilities to analyse the contemporary development of globalization, as well as its diverse impacts on different countries and world regions. The content of the course focuses on the politics of trade, money, and finance, but also covers regional integration, as well as environmental and black market issues. It emphasises the role of States, International Organisations, and other key actors like the European Union, the United States, and Multinational Corporations in the construction of the New World Order. Furthermore, students will learn about the changing role of emerging economies like
China and the reasons and implications for the ongoing dependency of the Global South. The course will engage with different theoretical approaches to tackle the big questions about the contemporary development of International Political Economy in the 21st Century.

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Political Science

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