Your Career Will Thank You: "Making the Most of Study Abroad" E-Book Now Available!

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Victoria Bruick
April 4, 2018

We've been measuring the career benefits of study abroad for years (including a 50-year-long study!), and we're happy to report that more than 75% of IES Abroad students say their experience helped them develop key job skills. So when the opportunity arose to collaborate with our friends at and create an e-book dedicated to this topic, we jumped at it!

Get ready to launch your career with study abroad, and explore our e-book, Making the Most of Study Abroad: A Guide for the Career-Minded Student.


What's Included:

Tips for Choosing a Program

Knowing what you want and understanding your program options are the first steps to success! Learn the benefits of each type of program: study abroad, direct enrollment, study abroad with service learning or a part-time internship, and full-time internship.

A Career-Focused Study Abroad Checklist

Mark off tasks before, during, and after you study abroad to maximize your career-readiness.

Résumé, Interview & Networking Tips

No matter what the job, sharing what you've gained from your international experience will set you apart from your peers. Check out this practical toolkit for step-by-step help communicating the valuable skills you developed while abroad.

International Career Opportunities

Don't let study abroad be the end! Parlay your global curiosity into a career beyond college with any of these six ways to launch an international career.

And more! Check out our e-book for career-minded students. Pro tip: Share it with your family as proof that study abroad isn't just the adventure of a lifetime, it's a career maker!

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Victoria Bruick

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