Top 15 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from June and July 2017

From the looks of the photographs tagged with #IESabroad or @iesabroad on Instagram this June and July, our internship and study abroad students are taking full advantage of their summer abroad! From discovering murals in Salamanca, daytime markets in Morocco, and picturesque sunsets in Cape Town, our students are documenting adventures they’ll never forget.

Check out our Top 15 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from June and July 2017, and be sure to tag your photos with #IESabroad for a chance to be featured in August!

1. Australia | If you’re studying abroad in Australia, and need to find a prime study spot on campus, ask @aceatthebeach, she’ll find you a great one.  

2. Ecuador | @emily_urste wins the prize for documenting her time studying abroad in Quito!

3. France | We love this photo from @markpakutz, who proves that Paris is as beautiful as ever.

4. Italy | If you’re looking for @baileyybeee she’ll be out enjoying her weekend on the coast of Italy.

5. Italy | Now this is a view we’ll never get tired of. Thanks for sharing, @mary_mattimore21!

6. Japan | Nice choice of backdrop while studying abroad in Japan, @amandabarbielle!

7. Japan | Can’t get enough of the beautiful night life in Osaka, captured by @akirancos.

8. Morocco | We have a feeling @tifftiffsai found some awesome souvenirs to help her remember what it was like to study abroad in Morocco.

9. New Zealand | Looks like @jamiweinstein is staying true to her roots! You can take the girl out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the girl.

10. New Zealand | Eat, sleep, study, then hike. Right @sarahdactyl? We’ll study abroad in New Zealand if that’s the case.

11. Portugal | Now that’s a squad if we’ve ever seen one. Nothing but smiles for @edorshimer and her crew.

12. South Africa | Cotton candy skies and good company. @caileyrullman3 knows the recipe for a memorable study abroad in Cape Town.

13. South Africa | Relax, and enjoy the view. @rachelbailey14 knows best.

14. Spain | Clear blue skies and water for days. Beautiful shot by @elguccphoto.

15. Spain | We know who to ask where to find local street art in Salamanca next time we visit. Spoiler alert: it’s you @emmagoesabroad!

We want to see study abroad through your eyes! Hashtag your Instagram photos with #IESabroad to show us what study abroad looks like to you. And for more student-curated content, check out our study abroad student blogs, and our Snapchat account, @IESAbroad, where you’ll find advice, travel tips, and first-hand accounts of what's happening at our Centers around the world!

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