That’s a Wrap – Film Festival Semi-Finalists

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Jill Kruidenier
October 6, 2014

In case you missed it, last month we announced the Study Abroad Film Festival winner, East of Here  by Alexa Penton of the University of Mississippi. Alexa was one of three finalists whose films were open for voting on Facebook, which also included:

In total, there were more than 50 films submitted to the Study Abroad Film Festival, and trust us when we say it was not an easy decision. Which is why we invite you to laugh, cry, and live vicariously through our 16 semi-finalists, too!

Click on a film below, or visit the Study Abroad Film Festival playlist on YouTube to watch all 19. Enjoy!

2014 Study Abroad Film Festival Semi-Finalists

Minutes of My Life
David Freid | IES Abroad Berlin
Best Cinematography

The Final Vlog
Steven Fowler | IES Abroad Nantes
Best Creative Screenplay

Miseducation – Beyond Many Means
Taylor Turner | IES Abroad Beijing
Best Documentary

Lost but then Found
Chelsea Golub | IES Abroad London
Best City Showcase

Briene Lermitte | IES Abroad Siena
Most Thought-Provoking

A New Globe
Jason Farahnik | IES Abroad Customized: Babson BRIC
Best Travel Log

Across the Hall
Doug Gavetti | IES Abroad Milan
Best Study Abroad Romance

The IES Declassified Freiburg Survival Guide
Gracie Weiderhaft | IES Abroad Freiburg
Most Youthful

Shark in the Water – Galapagos Style
Johanna O’Day - IES Abroad Galápagos Islands
Best Music Video 

Adventures Abroad
Ginger Maneske | IES Abroad Milan
Best Music – Original Score

Memories from the Maghreb
Meghan Johns | IES Abroad Rabat
Most Inspiring

Bid Me Be Silent
Ashlyn Keightley | IES Abroad Vienna
Best Poetic Masterpiece

While I Was There, A Study Abroad Adventure
Colin Klingemann | IES Abroad London
Best Film Editing

Viaggio in Italia
Peter Anthony and Kate Krull | IES Abroad Milan
Best Actress in a Leading Role

Juggling Down Under
Michael Rizk | IES Abroad Sydney
Most Fun

Kathleen Ray and Nina Ottaviano | IES Abroad Rome
Most Insightful

This person does not have a headshot photo

Jill Kruidenier

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