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March 22, 2018

New to our Film Festival jury in 2018, we invite you to get to know jury member Regge Life. Regge is a producer, director, and highly-esteemed Film Studies Professor at Emerson College who we're very excited to welcome to our Film Festival jury! Not only has Regge won three CINE Golden Eagles, he has also been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Regge Life


Former IES Abroad Board Member

IES Abroad: Which of your film-related accomplishments or endeavors are you the most proud of?

Regge Life: Well, films are like your children so I am proud of them all. Maybe the project that a filmmaker is currently working on has a special place in his life at that time, but, really, I am proud of all of the films.

IES Abroad: Why do you choose to tell stories through film?

RL: I began my career in the theater. I still direct theater, but I think at some point I realized that, to reach a mass audience, film and TV are the tools.

I strongly believe that if you are an artist, and you want to reach the largest audience, you have to choose the platform that will do that the best.

IES Abroad: What skills do you hope your students take away from your course(s)?

RL: My focus is on preparation because I am a firm believer that those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you are prepared to do a project, you allow yourself the luxury of creativity and vision. If you are still figuring out logistics, you tap and exhaust the ability to be creative and to act in the moment.

IES Abroad: What advice would you give to young filmmakers today?

RL: Pay attention to the industry if you plan on joining it.

But more than anything else, make use of the tools we have now. Making media has never been more affordable than it is now so there are no excuses why someone cannot tell the stories they want to tell.

IES Abroad: How would you condense the spirit of study abroad into one word?

RL: Adventure!

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