Living Life to the Fullest in Milan: Ambassador of the Month Nico Dudler


Meet Nico Dudler, our July Ambassador of the Month! In this interview, Nico shares his study abroad tips on financial planning, feeling at home, and gaining new perspectives.

Nico is a fourth year Marketing student at Santa Clara University. He loves to cook, dance, and play soccer, and hopes to travel again after college. Nico studied abroad on our Milan - Business Studies Program in Fall 2016.

IES Abroad: What advice do you have for other students on funding their study abroad experience?

Nico Dudler (ND): One of my favorite quotes is "a penny wise, a pound foolish." Leading up to going abroad, it might be smart to miss out on a big concert or event that might cost you. Also, be sure to budget for unexpected events. There are bound to be at least a few unexpected payments that come up.

IES Abroad: Can you recall a life-changing moment during your time abroad?

ND: Being abroad is all about being okay with uncertainty. In my study abroad experiences in Italy, I was 40 minutes late for class because the train's AC broke down during the journey. When I talked to an Italian about this later, he said, "You see, in Italy, there are no reasons for certain things." In this moment, a setback and annoyance became a new perspective, because although I was late, there was a beauty in being okay with that.


IES Abroad: Why did you choose IES Abroad for your study abroad in Italy?

ND: IES Abroad is well organized and provides you options for your study abroad experience. You will have help acclimating to the culture and finding friends.

IES Abroad: How did you meet Italians abroad?

ND: I met locals through my homestay family. Accept their invitations to dinner, chat with your host family at home, and keep the contacts you make. It will make it all the more possible to make lasting international relationships.

IES Abroad: What study abroad advice would you give a student to help them make their host country home?

ND: Try to do some of the things you do normally at home while you are abroad. If you like to exercise, make time to run. If you like to listen to music, listen while walking around the city. These habits will make you feel more grounded.

Thanks, Nico!

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