IES Abroad Rome Students Visit Palazzo Altemps

On November 10th, students on our IES Abroad Rome – Language and Area Studies Program had the privilege to visit the conservation laboratories of Palazzo Altemps. The museum, which belongs to the Department of Antiquities of Rome, is home to important collections of Greek and Roman sculptures from the 16th and 17th centuries. Guided by Professor Christina Danielli, who teaches the Repairing the Past: Conservation, Theory, and Practice course, students received an exclusive tour of the museum labs and work areas, which are managed by Archaeologist Anna De Santis. This is one of more than 150 course-related excursions that are offered to our students on IES Abroad Rome programs during the semester.

During their visit, students examined objects that date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. These objects had recently been found in several graves near Santa Palomba, just south of Rome. Among the items found included bronze shields, pins, bracelets, knives, terracotta vases, and figurines. While currently in the process of being restored by the Department of Antiquities’ conservators, these items will soon be put on display in the Protohistoric Museum of the National Roman Museum at the Baths of Diocletian. While visiting the lab, Professor Danielli demonstrated various conservation methods, and students learned several techniques that professionals utilize to clean vases and ceramic artifacts.

Check out photos from the field trip below:

Study Abroad Rome Palazzo Altemps

Professor Danielli shows students a sample of the bronze objects found in the Santa Palomba graves.


Study Abroad Rome Students Field Trip

Students observe archaeological findings that still need to undergo cleaning and consolidation processes.


Study Abroad Rome

Professor Danielli explains which chemical will be used to clean this ceramic vase, still covered in soil.


Study Abroad Rome Course Excursion

Archaeologist Anna De Santis explains to Professor Danielli explains how missing parts of this vase were filled in with new material.


Study Abroad Rome Museum

Archaeologist Anna De Santis and Professor Danielli comment on the bronze goods found in the grave of a four-month-old baby.


To learn more about studying and interning abroad in Rome and the many course-related excursions that Rome students participate in, click here.

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