Chicago Staff Celebrates International Education Week

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Jill Kruidenier
November 15, 2013

To close a weeklong celebration of international education, IES Abroad staff enjoyed a dessert potluck at the Chicago headquarters. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the joys of working in study abroad. Below are a few sentiments from U.S.-based IES Abroad staff on why they love going to work each day:

"I love being part of an organization that opens students’ minds to new ways of viewing the world and that challenges their assumptions and takes them out of their comfort zones.  It is a privilege to visit many of the top U.S. colleges and universities each semester and provide this opportunity to students." ~Beth Eustis, Regional College Relations Manager

"I love working in international education because I know that every student partaking in one of our programs will be forever changed; they will never view the world as they did predeparture." ~Nathan Draper, Enrollment Management Specialist

"I am so inspired by the growth I witness in students, even over a short period of time abroad. Their blog posts, especially, provide a window into the ways study abroad can open one's eyes to new cultures, opportunities, and ways of thinking, and I'm proud to help deliver that message!" ~Jill Kruidenier, Online Content Coordinator

"I love that I am a part of someone else’s dream!" ~Martha Ponce, Regional College Relations Manager

"I just celebrated my 15th year at IES Abroad, and during that time I've felt honored to be a part of an organization that always puts study abroad first (we really are a little obsessed with study abroad!). In this field, I think we all support the common goal of using study abroad as a catalyst for change—a change in the students who participate and in the world.  Even we, as the study abroad provider, get to be a part of that change, and what a great cause to be a part of!  As lofty as it might sound, I truly believe that there would be more peace in the world if everyone studied abroad." ~Amy Ruhter McMillan, AVP of Marketing

"Every day I am helping current students have a life-changing experience just like I did while studying abroad in Nantes in 2009." ~Abraham De La Rosa, Academic Program Associate

"I love the 'full circle' moments of international education!  Meeting a student at a study abroad fair and seeing his eyes light up when hearing about a program and then that same student coming to help me at a fair or orientation a semester or year later and still seeing that excitement and enthusiasm for the experience." ~Susan Hansen, Regional College Relations Manager

“As someone who did not study abroad during college, I find myself embracing international education more strongly than ever and appreciating the life-long benefits that studying abroad bestows on our students.” ~Joe Sevigny, AVP of Enrollment Management

“Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and I get to witness that transformation often at IES Abroad. I believe whole-heartedly in the many advantages of study abroad (especially with IES Abroad!), and I strive to show our students a glimpse of how the experience truly redefines them.”  ~Stephanie King, Marketing Manager

"I love the different emotions I encounter when I speak to students about studying abroad or living in another culture….It’s anything from excitement, to enthusiasm, to hopefulness, to openness, to eagerness, to nervousness…  I liken the time “before” study abroad to Christmas morning. There’s nothing else like it. It brings me back to my “before” and my “after” and I love being reminded of that feeling again and again. It’s like I go through all those emotions with them." ~Candace Brzoska Matta, Regional College Relations Manager

This person does not have a headshot photo

Jill Kruidenier

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