Can I Study Abroad Senior Year?

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February 11, 2022
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There is no denying that the pandemic has ruined a lot of plans, and it has had an especially difficult impact on college students, many of whom weren’t able to study abroad. Unless...could there still be hope for you—whether you're a senior or a recent grad—to make your study abroad dreams a reality?

The short answer: yes!

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For the long answer, we reached out to Lori Roth, an IES Abroad College Relations Manager. We asked Lori about the common questions she hears from students, and compiled them as a resource for you. "There are plenty of study and intern abroad opportunities available for seniors and recent grads," says Lori, "Don't worry—we got you!" 

The number one thing that Lori always wants students to know is that they're not alone. "There are so many people willing to help you, both at your school and at IES Abroad," she says, "There are probably a lot of options available that you didn't even know existed." 

So, without further ado, let's dive in to these frequently asked questions: 

Can I study or intern abroad as a senior?

Yes! As a senior, there can sometimes be a few extra steps in order to study abroad, so it's important to work with both your school's study abroad office as well as IES Abroad to help figure out what program makes the most sense for you. One challenge to studying abroad senior year is making sure your transcripts are processed on time. We can often work around this, though, which is why it's important to work with everyone to ensure a smooth graduation process.

Can I study or intern abroad as a recent graduate?

Yes! We've always welcomed recent graduates on our programs, but it's even more common right now since many students have not been able to fit in time abroad as an undergraduate. We're happy to help you find a great program that works for your situtation.

Will I get anything out of it, though?

Um, YES! Exploring a different way of living and learning to connect with people who are different from you is not only a good life skill, it's a good job skill: Students who study abroad get jobs faster and make more money than students who didn't study abroad. Plus, if you're learning a new language (or taking it to the next level and using it in an internship setting), you'll be even more valuable to your future employer.

So, which is better for me? Study abroad or an internship abroad?

It's totally up to you! If you're a senior, it's likely that you will need to find a program that offers the kinds of credits you need towards finishing up your degree and graduating. And for recent grads, we think our full-time and virtual internships are pretty awesome. Basically, you pick the city and we'll find you an internship (and help you with all the other logistics, too). Plus, we also help you polish up your résumé and cover letter as well as interviewing skills. Either way, ask yourself what you want to get out of this experience. That will help us narrow down the right fit for you.

Who should I contact for more information?

Your school's study abroad office as well as your IES Abroad College Relations Manager. Both have a ton of resources and are happy to help you!

You can browse our programs and internships, check out our scholarship & aid options, and follow along with current students abroad through our blogsInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.

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