27 Reasons to Give to IES Abroad Scholarships on #GivingTuesday, November 27!

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For the fifth year in a row, IES Abroad is participating in #GivingTuesday—a global day of giving. On November 27th, join us as we set out to raise funds for IES Abroad Scholarships, increasing access to study abroad.

Last year, we raised more than $23,000 for the IES Abroad Scholarship Fund, which made it possible for more students to make their study abroad dreams a reality. This year, our goal is to inspire 250 gifts in 24 hours—100% for scholarships for students with financial need to study and intern abroad next year.

All gifts, no matter the amount, will create access to the life-changing opportunities that study abroad provides. Save the date and make your tax-deductible gift on November 27th on our #GivingTuesday fundraising page.

Why give? Well, we have 27 reasons for you:

  1. Open the door to a world of opportunity for more students in 2019
  2. Scholarships change lives. Check out our album 27 Days | 27 Stories for #GivingTuesday to see how
  3. Boost career-readiness and transform a future
  4. Empower students to become global citizens
  5. Challenge perspectives
  6. Be the cause of new international friendships
  7. Challenge a student to explore beyond their comfort zone
  8. Help students reach their full potential
  9. Give the gift of immersion in another language and culture
  10. Add diversity to the role of U.S. student ambassador
  11. Alleviate the financial burden that can keep international education out of reach
  12. Build bridges that connect cultures and communities
  13. Make a global impact
  14. Enable a student to get lost and find themselves in another city
  15. Transform a life through study abroad
  16. Relieve Black Friday Shoppers’ remorse
  17. Provide a world of opportunity to a student with financial need
  18. Spark a student’s spirit of adventure and curiosity
  19. Engender a sense of connectivity at a global scale
  20. Provide a student with the chance to become part of a host family
  21. Make it possible for a student to add international experience to their resume
  22. Divert students’ attention from their screens to the world around them
  23. Join the group of proud donors who change lives through IES Abroad Scholarships
  24. Allow a student to make the most of their time – travel to new places, take that salsa dance class, try new foods, make new friends
  25. Engender independence, new perspectives, and cross-cultural communication skills
  26. Help students discover a new talent or passion
  27. Provide a reason for joy, hope, and inspiration among students who are brimming with talent and drive

Learn more about #GivingTuesday for IES Abroad Scholarships and discover how you can get involved, help spread the word, and contribute to IES Abroad scholarships.

Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday was launched in 2012 as a call to action to inspire more charitable giving during the holiday season. Last year, more than $300 million was raised online from people in 150+ countries who joined #GivingTuesday. Learn more about this global movement at www.givingtuesday.org.

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27 Reasons to Give to IES Abroad Scholarships on #GivingTuesday, November 27!

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For the fifth year in a row, IES Abroad is participating in #GivingTuesday—a global day of giving. On November 27th, join us as we set out to increase access to study abroad by raising funds for IES Abroad Scholarships.

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