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A huge stressor for black people before they study abroad is the question of what to do with their hair. Well, we don’t want you to stress—studying abroad is going to be a life-changing experience, and there are certainly ways to care for your hair throughout it. We've compiled a list of tips and tricks you should keep in mind while traveling.

Hair Care Packing Tips

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Stockpile Your Staple Products

You might not be able to find those exact same products abroad, so bring as much as you think you’ll need for the duration of your stay.

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Your Carry-On Bag

Though the majority of your products will be in your luggage, you should still carry on a little of everything you need into regulation travel-sized containers. If something happens to your luggage on your flight over, you should still be able to manage your hair for a couple of days.

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Your Checked Bag

If you plan to be abroad for a while, pack the majority of your products in your luggage, not your carry-on. You’ll probably need a lot more product than the TSA will allow you to carry in your carry-on bag, so pack most of it in your luggage!

Taara Clarke
“You can never have too many headwraps in my opinion. They’re stylish, they solve any bad hair day, and they keep your head warm! That’s a win-win-win in my opinion.”
Taara C. • Rice University • Amsterdam – Social Sciences & Humanities

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