Diversity Recruiting & Advising: Presentations & Workshops for Students & Study Abroad Offices

Our experienced Diversity Recruiting & Advising Team offer a range of resources to our schools and students to assist in the study abroad process. IES Abroad makes studying abroad a learning experience accessible to all students, creating a student body that reflects the diversity of both the United States as a whole and the U.S. student population. In order to do that, we offer support in a range of ways. We're excited to introduce six workshops for students and study abroad offices! 

Our workshops cover everything from the basics of studying abroad to debunking myths, exploring career benefits, and overcoming financial barriers. We also delve into the complexities of identity abroad, offering tailored support for various campus affinity groups.

We invite you to review these offerings and submit an interest form about which workshops you'd like to see on your campus, or virtually! 


Please check all workshops that you are interested in learning more about or would like to make happen on your campus or virtually. 

We will get back to you in the coming weeks to discuss your interests. 

Thank you!

Which Workshops Are You Interested In?
Why should you study abroad? How do you find the right program? All these questions and more are addressed during this informative presentation.
We've heard it before: "I can't study abroad with my major! I’m not fluent in a language! I can’t study abroad!" This interactive session is aimed at demystify the study abroad process and help students see themselves in the study abroad experience.
The career benefits and outcomes derived from study abroad are well documented. In this session, we will discuss the benefits of study abroad, as well as the ins and outs or our full-time internship offerings.
One of the biggest barriers for many students can be financing study abroad. During this workshop, we address the barriers to studying abroad and also offer creative solutions and scholarship recommendations to make study abroad a reality.
This interactive workshop for faculty, staff, or students exploring concepts of intersectionality and more abroad. From our foundational identity resources, this workshop can be tailored for teams and students and can last from one to four hours depending on the needs of your team. This offering can also supplement other trainings your campus may engage in with a focus on international education best practices and frameworks.
Work with our team to develop a workshop(s) for affinity spaces on campus to address and support students from particular identities and backgrounds. First generation students abroad, navigating disability abroad, and more can be addressed and customized to meet your needs.