Adventures in Chile

Victoria Nieto
May 22, 2014

From Mendoza, I took a bus to the capital of Chile, Santiago.  From Santiago, I took a day trip to Valparaiso, a beautiful Pacific side city an hour outside of Santiago.

What came first: the colorful boats or the colorful buildings? Some say the fisherman painted their houses the same color as their boats so their wives could spot them as they sailed into the harbor.

Valparaiso is a great spot for art appreciators to view local artists work. Most houses and buildings are painted brilliant colors. There was hardly any space that was not filled with color. Alleyways, streets, and steps were filled with murals big and small. This particular space was interesting. Fresh water used to run down the slope and on every step there would be person perched, leaning over to wash their laundry in the stream. As you can imagine, the person at the top was the luckiest because they got the cleanest water. The person at the bottom? Not so lucky.

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Victoria Nieto

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