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Aug 5 9:31am

5 Tips for Study Abroad

Post by Ashton Diggs

1. Act like a local, even if you do touristy things.

Aug 5 8:09am

There's No Place Like Sydney

Post by Ashton Diggs

As I'm packing up and preparing to leave tomorrow, there's an overwhelming feeling that my time here is incomplete.

Aug 4 8:05am

The Ways a City Can Change You

Post by Annika Rader

As I was in the cab, taking me to my fate of leaving Milan after over two months of being there, I was hit with one resounding feeling. I felt like I was mourning the loss of Milan and who I felt as though I became there.

Aug 3 9:25pm

Rambling and Reflection

Post by Sam Wherley

Sure, it’s a generic title, but dig beyond it. You’ve not come home quite the same as when you left; dig beyond the surface and small talk about your time abroad and reflect meaningfully upon how it will inform your ongoing existence.

Aug 1 11:55pm

Post study abroad blues :(

Post by Chiara Profenna

Coming back home after 2 months of being in Europe was much harder than I anticipated. 

Aug 1 8:12pm

5 Less Common Tips for Future Barcelona Travelers

Post by Megan Curran

If you're planning to study abroad in Barcelona, here are some things I recommend that I believe are important and sometimes overlooked.