Goodbye Boston, Ciao Milano!

Sam Brown
January 14, 2018

Ciao tutti! My name is Sam Brown, and I am a junior at Brandeis University located right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Massachusetts has always been my home, and this will be the first experience spending an extended amount of time away from home and out of the country. I am studying in the Milan Business Studies program. When I first got to college I never thought I would have the opportunity to study abroad, but I am elated to take on this experience. I’m looking forward to some backpacking adventures, soaking up all the lovely sights that Europe has to offer, and accustoming myself to the unique culture that is Northern Italy.

I’ve spent the last few weeks saying goodbye to all the aspects of my life here in the US: family, friends, classmates, and coworkers. With each hug or handshake the reality of my study abroad grows a little larger. I was expecting the wave of emotions to hit me all at once, but it ebbs and flows in spurts. All of it sums up to bittersweetness and a grand sense of excitement. I cannot wait to land on the other side and get started!

Other than exploring my host country, I plan on visiting a variety of other locations: London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Brussels, Prague, the Alps, Greece, and as many more places as I can fit into my schedule. I have family and friends coming to visit me throughout the months of March and April, so I’ll need to travel the Italian countryside in advance of their visit so I can serve as a proper guide to their trip. Or we can all find out as we go!

Within Italy, I’m looking forward to a few different experiences as well. Among those is Fashion Week in February, and becoming well-acquainted with the museums, the theatres, and of course the fine dining. If my travel list wasn’t so extensive I’d seriously need to consider finding a gym membership for my stay. Another little trip I’m looking forward to visiting the Province of Frosinone where my great-grandparents grew up (I hope that’s the right one, I’ll have to double-check with my grandfather when I’m over there!)

I look forward to embracing my new home and sharing my adventure!


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Sam Brown

<p>I've spent most of my life in the small state of Massachusetts. I am a Business and Psychology double major with a minor in Italian Studies. I began taking courses on the Italian language at university and have continued to pursue this interest to the point where I jumped at the opportunity to study for a semester in Italy! When I'm not working or in class I enjoy staying active in intramural leagues, as well as staying active in my fraternity. I've never been to Italy or Europe in general so I'm looking forward to it!</p>

2018 Spring
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