My Last Week in Shanghai

I’m writing this as I prepare for my last week in Shanghai. Firstly, it’s FREEZING in Shanghai now. I wish I had listened to my parents and brought more warm clothing. I ended up having to buy a good amount of warm clothing here in China. SUFE University has been too cheap to turn on the heaters in our Chinese class (they say it’s not cold enough) even though it has been in the 40°’s. Every class we beg for 空调 (air conditioning) but to no avail.

In terms of classes, it’s been really tough. The entire workload is basically condensed into the last two weeks. In total I’ve had two 12 page papers, two 4 page papers, a video project, and 3 presentations due. The rest of the semester was a breeze compared to the last two weeks in terms of workload. I can’t remember the last time I pulled this many consecutive all-nighters . For my Chinese video project (15% of our final grade) some friends and I decided to do a Taiwanese Drama with a full script and editing. Our project was by far the hardest but it turned out great. You can search for it on YouTube! (I don’t have the link yet, unfortunately).On the plus side of all this work, I got to know some really good cafes throughout the city located in the Daxuelu, Tianzifang, and WuJiaoChang areas. I arrive right when the Café opens and leave at closing time, working on my papers the entire time. I think I’ll write one more post after all the chaos settles down.