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Internship Spotlight: Kiki Giles Supports Our IES Abroad Rabat Center

Group Photo with Kiki Giles

We are thankful for the hard work Kiki Giles invested this summer to help fulfill the IES Abroad mission. Last month, Kiki wrapped up her internship with IES Abroad as both a College Relations and Advising Intern for the IES Abroad Chicago HQ and an Assistant Student Affairs Coordinator for the IES Abroad Rabat Center.

Kiki spent an Academic Year in Rabat, and took the initiative to carry that experience as an intern in IES Abroad Rabat on to the IES Abroad Chicago HQ to help further enhance IES Abroad Rabat programs. Kiki made invaluable contributions to the organization, and given her experience in Rabat, she was able to provide advice and feedback from a recent alumna’s perspective and collaborate with IES Abroad on a larger scale. Hear from Kiki:

Kiki Giles square headshot
“When I think back to my entire experience with IES Abroad, I would say the most meaningful part of my work was all of the advice and collaboration I got to give our headquarters in Chicago because that will shape the future experiences of dozens of students to come. Everything we strive for is in the best interests of our students, and I can honestly say that this summer has taught me how important our students are in terms of the wealth of information they hold and how they actively contribute to create a kinder, more diverse, and overall better world.”
Kiki Giles | IES Abroad Rabat Alumni
Rabat Center Group Photo

Kiki's IES Abroad Rabat Internship

While interning at IES Abroad Rabat, Kiki had the opportunity to work on-site with IES Abroad Customized & Faculty-Led Summer programs. She was also a source of support to the IES Abroad Student Affairs Coordinator and helped students with academic, cultural, and health/safety matters during their time in Rabat. In order to create experiential learning opportunities for students, Kiki’s work involved leading orientations and facilitating field trips and cultural activities.

Kiki Giles and Michael Green at desk

Interning at Chicago HQ

As part of Kiki’s internship as an Assistant Student Affairs Coordinator, she worked closely with Michael Green, Senior Associate Vice President for College Relations at IES Abroad, and Heath Thompson, Regional College Relations Manager at IES Abroad. Her transition from the IES Abroad Rabat Center to the IES Abroad Chicago HQ came to fruition when Kiki expressed a passion to better understand the city of Rabat and IES Abroad programs in the location, as well as how to further elevate the student experience. 

Kiki's internship as an Assistant Student Affairs Coordinator involved:

  • Assisting across various departments including Advising, College Relations, and Marketing
  • Conducting informational sessions with Employee Resource Group, the Program Advisor for Rabat, and the Advising and College Relations teams on the overall student experience in Rabat
  • Collaborating with IES Abroad Marketing on resources for the IES Abroad Correspondents Program to amplify content at the Rabat Center.
  • Shadowing Michael Green to gain a greater understanding of the work IES Abroad does as a whole.

Hear from Michael Green and Heath Thompson, who expressed their sincere gratitude for Kiki’s contributions to IES Abroad:

Michael Green headshot
“It was so great to work with Kiki so soon after her return from Morocco. She brought fresh and timely information from a student’s perspective back to our teams in Advising, College Relations, Diversity, and Global Enrollment Management. We truly benefited from her knowledge and experience and will share what we learned from Kiki with future students and study abroad advisors.”
Michael Green | Senior Associate Vice President for College Relations | IES Abroad

Heath Thompson headshot
“Collaborating with Kiki throughout her summer internship has been an absolute pleasure, and her impact on IES Abroad Rabat is truly remarkable. Drawing from her own experience as a participant, Kiki adeptly leveraged her insightful perspectives to shed light on pivotal areas for enhancement, elevating the program's impact. Her professionalism and wholehearted engagement infused the team with fresh dynamism, setting the stage for collaborative innovation. Particularly notable are Kiki's contributions to support services for women and LGBTQ+ students drawn to Rabat. Through her invaluable feedback, she has guided the program towards a path of greater inclusivity, empowering both students and professionals with a better understanding of Rabat. Kiki's legacy exemplifies the profound value of student perspective, and I’m so stinkin’ proud of her. A sincere thank you to her and the College of Wooster for this collaborative partnership.”
Heath Thompson | Regional College Relations Manager | IES Abroad

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