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Lydia Carr

IES Abroad Program: London - Health Practice & Policy, Fall 2016
U.S. College / University: Howard University
Major: Health Management

What words would you use to describe your identity(ies)? 
As a Jamaican Taiwanese, the words I would use to describe my identities include unique, unusual and authentic.

What motivated you to choose to study  and intern abroad?
My brother introduced me to studying abroad during my freshman year, and I told him 'no" as I am actually studying abroad as an international student from Jamaica. However, when I did my research, and saw the different countries and courses involved, it looked exciting and it was an opportunity that I did not want to regret not taking.

When you studied/interned abroad, did your identity(ies) influence your experience in significant and/or surprising ways? If so, how?
Jamaica is a former British Colony, therefore London surprisingly reminded me a lot of Jamaica. From the road names to the food, and even one of my IES professor was Jamaican! Therefore, my identity helped me to embrace London and helped with the culture shock.

And vice versa, when you studied and interned abroad, did your experience influence your identity(ies) in significant and/or surprising ways? If so, how? 
Studying/Interning abroad definitely influenced my identity as it made me a better global citizen and helped me to understand people from different cultural backgrounds.

Has studying/interning abroad impacted your educational and/or professional aspirations or path? If so, how?
Being exposed to different health systems in different countries, comparing them and seeing the strengths and weaknesses definitely sparked my interest in having a career in public/international health.

What experiences or skills gained from studying/interning abroad continue to influence your life now? 
I definitely learned not to be afraid of the unknown, whether it be a country you've never ever been before, or the direction your life might be going.

In one sentence, tell students who identify similarly why studying/interning abroad is a good idea, particularly for them. 
Studying/Interning abroad is a good idea because you will learn that the world is just as diverse as you are.

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"I definitely learned not to be afraid of the unknown, whether it be a country you ever been before or the direction your life might be going."

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