students eating German food at a festival in Dresden

Dietary Concerns

From picky eaters to try-everything-once-ers, students who study or intern abroad are pretty obsessed with food, and so are we.

Here you'll find resources on traveling with food allergies, while gluten free, while vegan/vegetarian, or while adhering to religious guidelines (check out the dietary resources section on our Religion & Spirituality page, too). 

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a student meditating near the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Disability, Mental Health & Self-Care

Living abroad can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to mental health and physical accessibility. But you're not on your own—not only compiled resources on mental and physical health and self-care, but we also have dedicated Student Affairs staff available for you to contact from prior to departure and once in your host country.

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Willard Huyck

Willard Huyck

Writer, Director & Producer IES Abroad Paris Alumnus, 1965-66

Willard Huyck is a motion picture screenwriter and director whose film credits include American Graffiti, Lucky Lady, French Postcards, Best Defense, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Radioland Murders. He also worked on the screenplays for the first Star Wars and the first Mission Impossible.

Huyck (along with George Lucas and Gloria Katz) received the NY Film Critics Circle and the National Association of Film Critics Best Screenplay awards for American Graffiti. He was nominated for the Best Screenplay Academy Award for the same film, which was recently designated as one of the Best One Hundred American Films by the American Film Institute.

Huyck received his Bachelor's degree in Cinema from the University of Southern California. His junior year was spent in Paris studying at the Institute of European Studies (now IES Abroad). French Postcards was inspired by that experience. He is a former member of the Foreign Film Selection committee of the Academy Awards and is a current member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He also chairs the Writers Guild Screen Credits Committee. Read Willard's Meet the Jury feature.

Headshot of Kiubon Kokko

Kiubon Kokko

IES Abroad Nante Alumnus, 2019 2020 Film Festival Winner

Kiubon Kokko is a '21 Claremont McKenna College graduate and an IES Abroad Nantes alum. After quitting his first post grad job in Yosemite National Park, he returned to Europe for a four month adventure creating a documentary about how well strangers can connect during a car ride. In Greece, Kiubon received a Special Jury Prize at the Drama International Short Film Festival for his senior thesis documentary. In Ohio, Kiubon works on his wedding film company, Twelve Ten Films. Kiubon does not know where he will live in a couple of months, though thanks to his experience at IES Abroad Nantes, he knows he will find home wherever he goes.