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We're committed to eliminating the barriers that stand in the way of qualified students studying abroad, and we know finances can be a big one.

That's why we offer the financial aid and programming that we do—so you can focus on the educational adventure you're about to have, instead of focusing on your wallet.

Explore some of the ways we're helping make funding this experience of a lifetime possible:

$4+ million in scholarships and financial aid

We offer a wide range of study abroad scholarships and financial aid including these diversity-focused scholarships:

$12,000 programming 

Imagine studying abroad for 12 weeks, earning 12 credits, and only spending $12,000 on one of our 12 for 12 for 12 Programs:

More funding options & budgeting tips

Visit our scholarships webpages to check out our guidelines for how to pay for study abroad, explore external funding options, learn more about your program fee, and more.