We recognize that being a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender student abroad can present unique challenges and opportunities in exploring a new culture.

For information about LGBTQ resources and organizations in each IES Abroad location, check out our Country-Specific Diversity Resources and visit the U.S. Department of Stat's LGBTI Travel Information.

Another great resource covering LGBTQ issues related to study abroad is the NAFSA Rainbow Special Interest Group page hosted by Indiana University, an IES Abroad member school. This page has information about what to expect when you go abroad, other LGBTQ students’ experiences, and resources available in the U.S.

It Gets Better

We were extremely proud to contribute our video to the It Gets Better Project to help spread the message to LGBTQ young people that a bright future is in store for them.

Studying abroad is one of many ways that students can learn about and meet members of the LGBTQ community and their allies around the world.

There are accepting, open-minded people out there - it gets better!

Information for Transgender Students

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Travel-Specific Resources:

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