We're proud that our students are as diverse as the countries they study abroad in.

From our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad (IDEA) to our Diversity Scholarships & Financial aid, we're making study abroad accessible to more students.

With 65+ years of experience, we're here to help you find the best program for you, and to make studying abroad the educational adventure of a lifetime. Learn more through our diversity resources, student blogs, scholarships, and by working with our dedicated diversity team.

How will studying abroad redefine your world? We can't wait to find out.

Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad (IDEA) 
We launched our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad to make studying abroad a learning experience accessible to all students, creating a student body that reflects the diversity of both the U.S. and U.S. college students. We define a diverse student as someone who identifies as a racial/ethnic minority, first-generation college student, economically needy, LGBTQ, and/or is a student who has demonstrated a history of overcoming adversity such as a physical or learning disability.

Through this Initiative, we have developed and expanded our financial and informational rescources, collaborated with new partners who join us in our dedication to diversify education abroad, and increased the enrollment of undersrepresented students in our study and intern abroad programs.

Diversity Resources 
Simply put, we provide you with the best diversity abroad resources in the field. Whether that's through our country-specific diversity resources, print materials, or our personal one-on-on advising, we're here to support and encourage you throughout the study abroad experience.


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Director, Diversity Recruiting & Advising