Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from April 2017

Our breathtaking student photos are no April Fool’s joke. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these photos tagged with #IESAbroad or @iesabroad on Instagram. From conquering hikes on stratovolcanoes, exploring the streets of Tokyo, and taking a stroll on the famous Abbey Road, our students are proving that every day is an adventure with study abroad.

Check out our Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from April 2017 and be sure to tag your photos with #IESAbroad for a chance to be featured in May!

1. Amsterdam | Canals | @jmullerphotography

2. Australia | @quyenkp

3. Austria | 5/5 stars on yalp #iesabroad #swissalps | @katroselloyd

4. Ecuador | Had to spit ‘Invictus’ to make it up this mountain. | @frank_thefuture

5. Ecuador | I think we could survive on this island if we were stranded. After all, it wouldn't be too bad to be stuck in paradise with these amigos. | @caylee_schweppe

6. England | Little Darling | @hkgabbard

7. France | Le bon vieux temps #paris #monmartre #ameliepoulain #iesabroad | @celia.marie.chere

8. Japan | Tokyo tour mission game #iestokyo #iesabroad#kuis | @sayaka_n2

9. Rome | Sunset in Roma | @elguccphoto

10. Spain | At that moment I understood why people used to think the earth was flat #endlessblue | @sidisonkane

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