Granada Students Interview Spanish Journalist Working in the Middle East

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Studying abroad with IES Abroad is all about going beyond the typical classroom activities for an authentic and unique academic experience. Just take it from our IES Abroad Granada students, who, as part of their The Role of Social and Mass Media in Revolution and Change in the Arab World course, participated in a Skype conversation with Spanish reporter, journalist, writer, and photographer Natalia Sancha.

Natalia is a correspondent for one of Spain’s most influential newspapers El País, and has been living in Lebanon since 2008. As a reporter in the Middle East, she has covered historical events like the Egyptian Revolution and is one of few journalists able to legally enter Syria. Taking Natalia’s background and professional experience into account, IES Abroad Professor Hala Jadid invited Natalia to speak with students about her work.

During the Skype conversation, students interviewed Natalia about topics like the coverage of the conflict in Yemen, the effects of social media on the Arab World, the media’s influence on the general public’s political behavior, and the perception of the United States and the Western World from the stance of the Arab people. Natalia also discussed her experiences as a woman journalist and recalled her time in Lesbos during the refugees’ crisis where she witnessed individuals throwing themselves into the water despite not being able to swim. The honest and engaging conversation allowed students to learn about realities that not everyone is able to see and to understand the importance of Natalia’s reporting work.

IES Abroad Granada thanks Natalia and Professor Jadid for providing this enriching opportunity to students. It is conversations like these that make studying abroad an eye-opening and immersive learning experience.

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