Lower Prices, Bigger Adventures: Our 2017-18 Program Prices

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Our commitment to providing the best study abroad programs possible includes making them accessible. That's why we've dropped or held the prices of nearly half of our Summer and Fall 2017 programs, all while maintaining the academic quality we're known for and including a heck of a lot of fun.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you explore some of this year's programs with the biggest price drops.

When compared to our Spring 2017 or Fall 2016 program prices, we have decreased prices for 19 Fall 2017 programs and held prices for an additional 20 programs. As for Summer 2017, we have decreased prices for nine programs and held prices for an additional eight programs when compared with Summer 2016 program prices. Hard to believe? See for yourself:

Fall 2017

Salamanca Study in Salamanca -20.4%
Granada Study in Granada -11.8%
Milan Business Studies -9.6%
  Italy Today -9.6%
  Music: Tradition & Innovation -9.6%
Paris Business & International Affairs -9.6%
Dublin Irish Studies -9.4%
  Writer's Program -8.7%
Quito Direct Enrollment - Universidad San Francisco de Quito -7.4%
  Area Studies & Language -5.3%
Paris French Studies -4.8%
Nantes French Language Immersion & Area Studies -3.8%
Buenos Aires Advanced Spanish Immersion -.56%
  Latin American Societies & Cultures -.56%
London Direct Enrollment - SOAS, University of London -.47%
  Direct Enrollment - Slade School of Fine Art -.42%
  Direct Enrollment - Queen Mary -.28%
  Direct Enrollment - Courtauld Institute of Art -.24%
Nagoya Direct Enrollment - Nanzan University -.03%
Sydney Direct Enrollment - Macquarie University HELD
  Direct Enrollment - University of New South Wales HELD
  Direct Enrollment - University of Sydney HELD
Auckland Direct Enrollment - University of Auckland HELD
Christchurch Direct Enrollment - University of Canterbury HELD
Berlin International Affairs & Security Studies HELD
European Union European Union HELD
Vienna European Society & Culture HELD
  Music HELD
Barcelona Full-Time Semester Internship HELD
Multi-location Europe & the Muslim World: Granada & Rabat HELD
  Emerging Economies: Buenos Aires & Santiago HELD
Buenos Aires Business & International Relations in Latin America HELD
Dublin Entrepreneurship & Technology HELD
  Direct Enrollment - National Theatre School of Ireland - Gaiety School of Acting HELD
Galápagos Islands Direct Enrollment - GAIAS HELD
London Theater Studies HELD
Rome Tourism & Cultural Heritage Management HELD
  Full-Time Semester Internship HELD
Siena Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine HELD

Summer 2017

Amsterdam Society, Culture & Gender in Amsterdam -12.5%
London UK Today -10.7%
Paris BIA Beginning Language & Marketing -7.8%
Paris Advanced Language -5.0%
  Intermediate Language -5.0%
Nagoya Language & Culture -4.1%
Buenos Aires Language & Argentine Studies -3.0%
  Agricultural & Environmental Sciences -3.0%
Siena Tradition & Cuisine in Tuscany -2.0%
Arles Study in Provence HELD
Beijing Language Intensive HELD
Dublin Intensive Acting HELD
  Irish Studies HELD
Madrid Madrid Summer HELD
Rabat Francophone Studies & Arabic Language HELD
Rome Language & Culture HELD
Salamanca Language & Culture HELD

These changes in pricing, combined with our ongoing commitment to financial aid ($4 million), are all part of our effort to offer the best study abroad programs for you.

Want to learn more? Explore what's included in your study abroad program fee.

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