10 Incredible Student Photos That Will Change How You See Study Abroad Dublin

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We were blown away by the photography and visual pieces created by our students studying abroad in Dublin this spring, and we think that you will be, too.

The photos below are a small sample of the beautiful works produced by study abroad Dublin students this semester as part of their PhotoGraphic: Shaping Visual Narratives course. In the course, students learn the fundamentals of narrative and visual storytelling and explore key elements of characterization, language, and dialogue. They develop their own multimedia visual narrative pieces and present them at the end-of-term showcase, which includes a photo gallery where students can display their photos and multimedia pieces.

You’ve never seen study abroad quite like this before. Check out some of the student works from this past semester, and prepare to be amazed.

A Study in Shadow | Kat A.

Text & Image Exercise | Joey S.

A Study in Black & White | Teresa S.

Breaking Waves in West Cork | Christian G.

Projection Exercise | Emily H.

A Study in Contrast | Karen W.

Silhouette Exercise | Clara T.

A Study in Black & White | Hailey G.

Poem on a Printing Press | Emily D.

Text & Layering Exercise | Grace M.

What amazing artwork will you create when you study abroad in Dublin? We can’t wait to find out. Learn more about our study abroad Dublin programs.

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