Why limit yourself to just one country when you can spend time in three? Our Multi-Location Summer – Museums & Beyond: Art & Culture in Paris, Rome & Madrid Summer Program will introduce you to three European countries that are world-renowned for their rich histories in art and culture:

Many great advances in civilization began in France—Gothic architecture, the code of chivalry, the Enlightenment, and the science of gastronomy among them. Until recently, French was the language of diplomacy and the lingua franca of educated people around the world. While France retains influence over its former colonies in Africa and Asia, it is a major force in the European Union.

Everywhere you go in Italy, reminders of the past mix with scenes of modern life. You may pass Roman ruins, a medieval cathedral and cloister, and a Renaissance fountain, all on your way to shop at a modern mall. Outside the cities as well—by the sea, in the mountains, fields, or wine country—spectacular natural beauty and the splendor of past centuries go hand in hand.

Beyond the veneer of tourism, Spain is a country with a long and complicated history of Roman, Catholic, Jewish, and Arab influences. This mix has produced stunning and varied architecture, a strong tradition of academic scholarship, some of the 20th century's most influential artists, and a complex sense of modern national identity.