IES Abroad students are changing the world.

Developing an after-school English Language Learning program. Connecting artists across the world through music. Conducting significant scientific research. 

There are a million avenues of change. What's yours?

Show us how you're changing the world through studying or interning abroad—be it through academic, philanthropic, or personal efforts—and what makes you our Global Citizen of the Year.

Applicants and award winners have the chance to share their story with a global audience of thinkers, leaders, and change agents within the IES Abroad global network of more than 145,000 alumni, university contacts, staff, and friends.

You also reap the benefits of being a part of this prestigious award, including the chance to:



Strengthen Your Résumé.

Being chosen as the Global Citizen of the Year out of 6,400+ IES Abroad students is quite an impressive feat!

Win the Prize.

One student will be named the 2017 Global Citizen of the Year, and with it win the $1,000 Grand Prize. Six additional students will each be recognized with a $250 Honorable Mention Prize.

Build Your Global Network.

This award is announced to more than 145,000 people within the IES Abroad community and at your school!

Learn more about the Global Citizen of the Year Award by reading about our past winners, exploring how it works, and applying online before January 8, 2018.