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With more emphasis on storytelling and creativity than ever before, the 2016 Film Festival, which ran from October 2015-September 2016, was the most successful festival to date. The 2016 Festival diverged from previous years by asking students to submit their films into one of three categories: A Day in the Life, Creative Short, and IES Abroad Film Course Production.

Starting with a record-breaking 70 film submissions from around the world, 18 semi-finalists were sent to the jury and 5 finalist films were opened up to the public for voting on our Facebook page.

After 2,000+ votes in just five days’ time, the award of Study Abroad Film Festival Grand Prize Winner went to “Even in Europe…” by Jordan Cain (IES Abroad Vienna | Spring 2016) for his light-hearted, and smile-filled dance video across Europe.


Jordan Cain | Indiana University
IES Abroad Vienna | Spring, 2016

FINALIST: I Choose Opennness
Thamine Nayeem | University of Richmond
IES Abroad Rabat | Fall, 2015

Rachel Beavers, Courtney Testa, and Rod Flucas | University of Georgia, Penn State, University of the Redlands
IES Abroad London | Spring, 2016

Shannon Sotomayor | Brown University
IES Abroad Dublin | Spring, 2016

FINALIST: Si Sabe Algo
Paul Holden | Yale University
IES Abroad Salamanca | Fall, 2015


Motion in the South
Oliver Lowe | IES Abroad Cape Town
Honorable Mention

Hidden Beauties: A Day in Istanbul
Maya Benedict | IES Abroad Istanbul
Best New Talent

(Not) A Day in the Life Abroad
Benjamin Streeter | IES Abroad Madrid
Most Unique

La Bella Vita a Milano
Hannah Koxlien and Megan Wrentz | IES Abroad Milan
Most Creative Music Video

Teaching Science in Manenberg
James Dolgin | IES Abroad Cape Town
Most Informative

There Is No Place Like Home
Brock Carlson | IES Abroad Milan
Best Storytelling

My Milano Is Not Your Milan
Jiaqi Luo | IES Abroad Milan
Best Cinematography

Bonjour Paris!
Gwendolyn Lee | IES Abroad Paris
Best Music

The Black Men of IES Roma
Konso Mbakire | IES Abroad Rome
Best Interviews

Micky Ferguson | IES Abroad Salamanca
Most Thought Provoking

The Third Man: A Reenactment
Sparrow Gates | IES Abroad Vienna
Best Screenplay

Elisabeth Hawthorne| IES Abroad Rome
Best Study Abroad Reflection

The Barrier
Valerie Medoff | IES Abroad London
Best Documentary

The 2015 Study Abroad Film Festival, which ran from October 2014-September 2015, was open to IES Abroad students and alumni who studied abroad any time between January 2012 and June 2015.

Like last year, the prompt asked students to capture the essence of study abroad in 25 minutes or less. For the second year in a row we were captivated, inspired, and moved by their personal interpretations of the study abroad experience. 

From 45 submissions, to 19 semi-finalists- only 3 jury selected films went live for public vote on our Facebook page. After over 1,000 votes, the award of Study Abroad Film Festival 2015 Winner went to It's Okay by Kyle Rodriguez (IES Abroad Buenos Aires | Spring 2015). 


WINNER: It's Okay
Kyle Rodriguez | Occidental College
IES Abroad Buenos Aires, Spring 2015

2ND PLACE: Bringing Light to Egoli
Larisa Manescu | University of Texas – at Austin
IES Abroad Cape Town, Spring 2015

FINALIST: Abroad Sweet Abroad
Adrienne Picciotto | Mount Holyoke College
IES Abroad Rome, Spring 2015


A Day in Rome
Lichun (Lisa) Chang | IES Abroad Rome, Fall 2014

A Semester in China: Shanghai 2015
Shea Parikh | IES Abroad Shanghai, Spring 2015

Abbey Road – It’s Just a Road
Marialyse Martiney | IES Abroad London, Spring 2015

Be Cool – Berlin
Hannah Ayasse & Julia Lesser | IES Abroad Berlin, Spring 2015

Hannah Kaminsky | IES Abroad Rome, Spring 2015

Dear Delhi
Elisa Barton | IES Abroad Delhi, Spring 2015

Die Sprache der Steine
Jonathan Ho & Cole Graham | IES Abroad Berlin, Spring 2015

Eliza – Official Trailer (2015)
Philip Chen | IES Abroad Vienna, Spring 2015

Headbanging Around Europe
Andrew Brummer | IES Abroad Barcelona, Fall 2014

Rio de Janeiro Semester Abroad
Tim Fisher | IES Abroad Rio de Janeiro, Spring 2015

So It Goes
Kimberly Webber | IES Abroad European Union, Spring 2015

Thank You Australia
Marlowe Padilla | IES Abroad Sydney, Spring 2015

The ABC’s of Study Abroad
Saphir Shemesh | IES Abroad Vienna, Spring 2015

The Bravest Measure
Elisabeth Hawthorne | IES Abroad Rome, Fall 2014-Spring 2015

The Rich Life of Robert Dawson
Adam Wallace | IES Abroad Rome, Spring 2015

Tomado 4: El Toma
Joe LoCascio & TJ Patrias | IES Abroad Barcelona, Spring 2015


The 2014 Study Abroad Film Festival ran from October 2013 through September 2014. The festival was open to IES Abroad students and alumni who studied abroad any time between January 2011 and August 2014.

Challenged with the prompt of capturing the spirit of study abroad in 25 minutes or less, the producers and their films blew us away!

From 54 submissions to 19 semi-finalists, the jury selected their top 3 films for public vote on our Facebook page. More than 4,000 votes later, the award of Study Abroad Film Festival 2014 Winner went to East of Here by Alexa Penton (IES Abroad Beijing | Spring 2014)


WINNER: East of Here
Alexa Penton | University of Mississippi
IES Abroad Beijing, Spring 2014

FINALIST: Japan: A Boy's Journey
Finn Smyth | University of South Carolina
IES Abroad Tokyo, Summer 2013

FINALIST: home sweet home
Grace DuVal Johnston | School of the Art Institute, Chicago
IES Abroad Customized Program: School of the Art Institute of Chicago Paris Fashion, Spring 2012


Augenblicke meines Lebens / Minutes of my Life
David Freid | IES Abroad Berlin, Spring 2014

The Final Vlog
Steven Fowler | IES Abroad Nantes, Spring 2014

Miseducation: Beyond Many Means
Taylor Turner | IES Abroad Beijing, Spring 2013

Lost but then Found
Chelsea Golub | IES Abroad London, Spring 2013

Briene Lermitte | IES Abroad Siena, Spring 2011

A New Globe
Jason Farahnik | IES Abroad Customized Program: Babson BRIC, Fall 2012

Across the Hall
Doug Gavetti | IES Abroad Milan, Spring 2014

The IES Declassified Freiburg Survival Guide
Gracie Weiderhaft | IES Abroad Freiburg, Academic Year 2012-13

Shark in the Water - Galapagos Style
Johanna O’Day | IES Abroad Galápagos Islands, Spring 2014

Adventures Abroad
Ginger Maneske | IES Abroad Milan, Spring 2011

Memories from the Maghreb
Meghan Johns | IES Abroad Rabat, Spring 2014

Bid Me Be Silent
Ashlyn Keightley | IES Abroad Vienna, Fall 2013

While I Was There, a Study Abroad Adventure
Colin Klingemann | IES Abroad London, Summer 2012

Viaggio in Italia
Peter Anthony and Kate Krull | IES Abroad Milan, Summer 2014

Juggling Down Under
Michael Rizk | IES Abroad Sydney, Spring 2014

Stereotypes/ Stereotipi
Kathleen Ray and Nina Ottaviano | IES Abroad Rome, Spring 2014