Music Performance Workshop

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Course Information
Terms offered: 
Fall, Spring
Language of instruction: 
Contact Hours: 

Audition to be held before the beginning of the semester. For the required repertoire please see the Audition Repertoire List.


Divided into two sections, instrumental and vocal, the Music Performance Workshop is dedicated to a hands-on approach to the performance of ensemble repertoire. Sessions consist of a combination of coaching and discussion of aspects of the work in relation to history, analysis and the challenge of performance. Guest presentations provide the students the opportunity to discuss career and performance issues.

Attendance policy: 

See IES Abroad Vienna Handbook.

Learning outcomes: 

By the end of the course, students should:

  • Have the opportunity to further their performance experience and knowledge of the chamber music and vocal repertoire. 
  • Develop the musical and social skills necessary for successful chamber music performance.
  • Be active participants in the planning, preparation and performance of works in the classroom as well as in public concerts presented by IES.
Method of presentation: 
  • In-class performances
  • Coaching sessions
  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Guest-lectures
Required work and form of assessment: 

The class consists of two weekly components: class meetings and ensemble rehearsals, as well as participation in at least two concert performances during the course of the semester. The course grade is based on attendance, class participation, concert performances and written reviews and critiques. Preparation between sessions and participation in ensemble playing is an integral factor in assuring the steady progress of all participants.

  • Attendance and class participation - 40%
  • Concerts and preparation - 40 %
  • Written work - 20 %

The pieces studied during the semester are chosen on the basis of enrollment in the course (i.e. constellation of instrument and voice types) and – depending on the possibilities – reflect a range of
styles from lied performance to small choral works, instrumental duos to arrangements for chamber
orchestra. The selected repertoire includes standard Baroque, Classical and Romantic literature as well as important works of the contemporary period. Whenever possible, particular importance is placed on works that give students the opportunity to gain experience within the Viennese musical tradition. There is often a collaboration between Vocal and Instrumental Performance Workshop, as this mixed chamber music provides a valuable encounter for both singers and instrumentalists.

Required readings: