The Role of Mass and Social Media in Political Transformation in the Arab World

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Fall, Spring
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The course aims to provide the student with a thorough inside view of Arab print, broadcast, and electronic media, starting before the advent of satellite television, continuing with the period of great changes in the media scape after 1990, and culminating with the present media scene, characterized by heavy use of social media technologies and networks. Arab media offer the best available reflector of the myriad transformations affecting the political, social, and cultural realms in the Arab region and beyond, notably among Arab diasporas in Europe and the United States. Not only did Arab media reflect regional and international changes but it has played a crucial role in precipitating them or at least affecting their trajectories; not without creating a new set of implications for media, ethics, politics, and culture in the region.  

In addition to the above, students will be exposed to a variety of related topics, most notably the issue of Arab media as a locus of power and contestation; in particular as they enter the digital phase, revolutionizing access and democratic participation on the one hand, and inviting new forms of state and corporate control on the other.

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