Translation: Thème et Version

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Course Information
French Language
Terms offered: 
Language of instruction: 

4 semesters of French and placement test.


Written and oral French-English and English-French translation (th?me when translating into one’s second language and version when translating into one’s native language), with a focus on theory and practical application in a variety of contexts. This course is the most advanced grammar course and allows the student to refine written and oral expression in French.

Method of presentation: 

Translations and study of translations, exercises, work in groups, dictations and written assignments.


Required work and form of assessment: 

Students are also required to keep a journal that will be read and corrected on a weekly basis.

25% preparation for class assignments

25% in-class work

25% participation and attendance

25% exam

The final grade is based on an average of all semester grades. Attendance is mandatory-- students are allowed one absence during the semester; unexcused absences will affect the final participation grade. Make-up exams are given only in cases of medical or family emergencies and with consent of the professor and administration.


An introductory lecture on the theory and techniques of translation will precede practical translation assignments.

Texts to be translated are taken from the press (Le Monde, Le Figaro, L'Express, Time, Newsweek, International Herald Tribune) but also include literary excerpts. (S. de Beauvoir, E. Bernheim, G. Greene, M. Grisolia, D. Hammet, A.A. Robbe-Grillet, A. de Saint-Exup?ry, C. Sandburg, J. Verne).

Required readings: 

The texts will be distributed for each class.