Panorama of French Media

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Fall, Spring
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This course is an introduction to the French media landscape that will offer an historical, cultural and international perspective on the media, by comparing the American media and the French media, when relevant and appropriate. It also will present the characteristics of French media while providing a short history, the legal framework, and how its business model can have an impact on their objectivity.

In the first part, the course will answer central questions on today’s media world: What constitutes a piece of information? How does the media manipulate, prioritize, to what extent and why does this information differ from one form of media to another?

The second part of the course will approach the relationship that exists between the media and politics, putting communication in the middle of the relationship. This part will answer the following questions: Between the media and politics: who manipulates who? In a world centered on the omnipresence of a politician’s image, is it possible to avoid communication?

The third part of the course will aim at analyzing and demystifying the so-called French “media crisis.” By approaching the media through the scope of public opinion, this part aims at explaining the crisis and providing solutions that could potentially save them.

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