Language of the Arts

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Art History
French Language
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Fall, Spring
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At least 5 semesters of university-level French; some previous knowledge of art or art history is appreciated.


This course is designed for students of an advanced French level, and will allow them to develop a more in-depth understanding of the French language and French culture through art.

Students will reinforce their linguistic abilities through a specialized vocabulary, the mastery of more complex grammar structures, and the ability to perfect their writing skills. They will also learn the art of being able to easily pass from more informal oral French to refined and formal written French, which at most times can be very different.

In this course we will study different aspects of art, such as different types of paintings (portraits, landscapes, still lifes), different artistic movements (Classicism and Realism), the life histories of different artists, and different types of museums.

To achieve these competencies, we will be working with texts written by art experts when analyzing different works.

Complete Course Syllabus: