Social Welfare Policy In The United Kingdom And Jamaica: A Service Learning Perspective And Practicum

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Course Information
Service Learning
Health Studies
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Fall, Spring
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This experiential learning course combines sound social theory, action research and direct involvement in the work of voluntary and statutory services to provide students with a unique learning experience – and provide those they serve with the opportunity to undertake work they would otherwise be unable to do.

The UK is at a crucial point in deciding the future for Charities, Self Help and Community Organizations. The 2010 Coalition Government, under the heading of “The Big Society,” handed over services that were public/state funded to charity and community organizations, with the aim of empowering communities and giving more control of their own lives to individuals and families.

This change in funding highlights the ideological conflict between the concept of a “Welfare State” and self-sufficiency that has been an undercurrent of political and social life in the UK since the creation of the National Health Service and other key elements of social and financial care in 1948.

Students will, therefore, have the opportunity to further develop on-going work with both statutory and voluntary sector organizations in London, and experience firsthand the impact of a change in political culture on communities and the service agencies.

After 12 weeks in London, students travel to Kingston, Jamaica for field studies, continuing the coursework at the University of the West Indies School of Nursing, Mona and engaging in a practicum at comprehensive community health clinics in Kingston.