Irish Communal Identity

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Fall, Spring
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Cultural Geography is the analysis of the relationship between social construction and its spatial expression. Over time Dublin has changed in many ways – politically, culturally, physically and economically. Although some of these shifting landscapes can be referenced on the tourist maps today, examples being Christchurch Cathedral and Georgian Dublin, many of the lived spaces have been forgotten or veiled in the margins. This course enables students to engage in a spatial narrative with the city by means of a detailed study of the city’s spatial morphology in which a form of ‘philosophical pluralism’ is called for in the individual’s ‘human geography’. The tool to be used is ‘geographical imagination’ whereby the sensitivity towards the significance of place, space, and landscape in the constitution and conduct of social life is fostered and expressed spatially. Literature and music will be used to give meaning and identity to the lived environments. The course will explore the ‘hidden’ city spaces within Dublin, those place that house the unemployed, travelers and immigrant communities.

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