The Shadows That We Cast: Writing the Irish Short Story

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Fall, Spring
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The fundamental objectives of this course are to encourage students to take their own writing seriously, to practice their craft and polish their skills in an environment conducive to growth and development,  and  to  nurture  constructive  criticism;  all  within  the  context  of  modern  Irish  fiction including Northern Irish fiction.  In this course we examine some of the approaches and methods used by contemporary Irish novelists and short story writers.   The emphasis is on the practicalities and practice of writing.  The imagination responds enthusiastically to regular and focused exercise.   Students are encouraged to develop the habit of writing regularly and effectively.  Each weekly session involves a short presentation by the tutor on the topic of the week, a presentation by a student on a prescribed topic, an open forum for discussion, creative writing exercises focusing on the topic of the day with an emphasis on experimentation, spontaneity and possibility.  Finally, in the latter half of each session, a creative writing workshop gives students a number of opportunities to give and receive considered and constructive criticism of their own writing.