Theater In Berlin Ii: From Brecht To The Present

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Fall, Spring
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The main topic of this course is modern German theater. Insights into the contemporary German and Berlin theater landscape will be covered. The course will particularly discuss the question of how German theater has changed since Brecht’s death. Brecht’s theater model will be analyzed with attention paid to how he developed theater in Berlin. Works from Frank Castorf, Michael Thalheimer, Thomas Ostermeier and Christoph Marthaler and their meanings will be discussed. Dramatic German literature written after 1945 (Heiner Müller, Thomas Bernhard, etc.) will also be analyzed and interpreted. The texts read in class will be complemented by viewing the actual works themselves. The precise content of the course will depend on the offerings available in Berlin during the semester. This coursework is based on theater texts (Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke and others) and German literature from the 20th century; new developments in theater after Brecht’s death; interpretation of dramatic texts in preparation for viewing them live; the analysis of stage productions; discussing the meaning of modern texts in theater; presentation of dramatic text on stage and directing styles.