Honors Seminar in International Relations: Berlin Behind the Scenes: Institutions in the Political Center of Germany

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Political Science
International Relations
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There are many NGOs and state-run institutions in Berlin that work in the area of international relations. These are found mostly in closed circles and largely outside of the public arena. The course introduces this part of the political life in the German capital. Such institutions that play a central role in the formulation and transformation of international relations will be studied. One meeting a week provides a basis for preparatory and follow-up discussions. Each second meeting will take place outside of the IES Berlin seminar rooms or we will have distinguished guests. This way, students are contextually well-prepared for the discussions, and learn at the same time about political life behind the scenes at the representative buildings in the center of Berlin through direct personal experience. Besides the contact to the political institutions, encounters with German and European students are arranged. Contextually, current questions having to do with international relations, especially those that are of greatest importance to American and German views will be dealt with. For example, transatlantic cooperation, aspects of European integration, assessment of international conflicts and problems, as well as the question how different ideas and institutions have developed in different national contexts. Through this contact to diverse institutions, the students will also have the possibility of applying for internships.