Management Across Borders

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Fall, Spring
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What do managers need to understand in order to compete successfully in a global marketplace? The overall aim of this course is to understand how organizations can add value in a multicultural world, which continues to be marked by significant differences in national management styles. Several ways to understand different cultures will be introduced. Through texts and case studies, the impact of cultural differences on business situations will be assessed. The course will consider organizational behavior, business strategy, human resources management, business ethics, and communication issues, in the international environment.


This course uses case studies as a teaching tool, which will be supplied in pdf format on the course Moodle page. These case studies are purchased from The Case Center and require payment of a per-student copyright fee. Your instructor will tell you how to access the case studies, and when to use them. All students taking the course will be charged the per-student fee for the case studies, whether they access them or not. You will receive a mail after the end of the add/drop period with an explanation of these costs, which will be similar to textbook costs for a standard business course.

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