Great 20th Century Artists of Catalonia: Picasso, Dalí and Miró

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Art History
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Fall, Spring, Summer
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The work of these three international artists with distinct Catalan roots is explored on an individual basis within the wider framework of European art movements. In each case, we will study the acceptance and/or rejection of tradition, the interaction with French art and artists, and personal experience. We will also pay attention to the role of both outside stimuli (war, relationships) and inner forces (memory, imagination). The course will include guided tours of the Picasso Museum, the MNAC (Catalan National Museum of Art) and the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. There is an obligatory course-related trip to the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres on a Friday during the semester. Alternatively, IES Abroad will partly sponsor IES Abroad students to attend the Girona DiscoverIES trip, which includes this excursion. Dates for both options will be communicated at the beginning of the course.


This course is offered during the regular semester and in the summer. For summer sections, the course schedule is condensed, but the content, learning outcomes, and contact hours are the same.