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Students: For program-related questions, please contact your IES Abroad Representative.

General Contact Information (by name)

For Questions About Name Email Address
Marketing Richard Bartecki
Executive Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]
Customized Programming Dr. Keith Dipple
Senior Associate Vice President of Customized Programs and Internships
[email protected]
Diversity Gretchen Cook-Anderson
Director, Diversity Recruiting & Advising
[email protected]
IES Internships Melissa Comiskey
Executive Director, Internship Programming
[email protected]
Academic and Board Governance Dr. Mary M. Dwyer
President & CEO
[email protected]
Information Technology Daniel Summers
Chief Information Officer
[email protected]
College Relations Michael Green
Senior Associate Vice President of Recruiting and College Relations
[email protected]
Administration, Planning, and Legal Affairs William Hoye
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
Human Resources Patti Maenza 
Director of Human Resources
[email protected]
IES Abroad MAP Megan Leff
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment
[email protected]
Finance Bill Martens
V.P., Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
Advertising, PR, Marketing & Website Amy Ruhter McMillan
Senior Associate Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]
School and Student Billing Donna Osterloo
Billing Manager/Sr. Accountant
[email protected]
Students' Health and Safety Dr. Matthew Rader
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students
[email protected]
Admissions and Financial Aid Joe Sevigny
Senior Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
[email protected]
Academic Programming Michael Steinberg
Executive Vice President
for Academic Programs
[email protected]
Alumni Relations Jody Madler
Executive Director of Advancement
[email protected]


Program Deans (by name)

Name Center Email Address
Robert Hallworth

Chicago, European Union, Freiburg, New York, Siena, Vienna

[email protected]
Leland L'Hote Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Quito, Santiago, Multi-Location (Buenos Aires & Santiago) [email protected]
Nicole LeBlanc Amsterdam, Cape Town, Nagoya, Paris French Studies Tokyo [email protected]
Megan Leff Arles, Dublin, Milan, Nantes, Nice, Rome [email protected]
Jennifer Rogers Auckland, Christchurch, London, Oxford, Rabat, Salamanca, Sydney [email protected]
Ellen Rosenwinkel Paris BIA [email protected]
Michael Steinberg Berlin, Granada, Shanghai [email protected]