Pre-departure Guide to Yours Truly

Hallo! Guten Morgen, Tag oder Abend! My name is Zac and this is an introduction to just who the hell I think I am. In this video you’ll learn such important facts and my interests and even where I go to school. You’ll also see a heartbreaking moment between me and my dog Gus. If you’re still reading this, which you’d have to be to read that, I might as well summarize the video given you very clearly love to read. My name is Zachary Spink but I go by Zac and I will be attending the IES Abroad Berlin program this Fall (2017). I’m a video correspondent for the program and I’m hoping to show anyone whose interested about the abroad experience what I’ve taken away from it. I’m a rising Junior at Franklin & Marshall College with a declared major in Neuroscience, minor of German Language and Culture, and I’m on the pre-med track. I enjoy making videos, photography, music of all kinds, movies, TV, video games and much more!! I have a lot of things planned for these videos and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them! So until the next time, tschüss!