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University of Rochester
Oxford - Fall 2015

I am a Literature major at the University of Rochester and am attending Oxford through IES Direct Enrollment in the fall semester of 2015. As an aspiring academic, I am far too invested in the contents of my bookshelf and can often be caught printing an extra copy of completed papers for my own safekeeping. I am fully prepared to take on a completely new and exciting abroad experience both in and out of the classroom, and my love for writing makes each experience even more exciting to share.

Lawrence University
Berlin - Fall 2015

Sarah Axtell hails from the steel-forged hills of Pittsburgh, PA and is a Linguistics/German double major at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. Her interests include derelict architecture, modern art, and cutting-edge lowbrow pop culture. Berlin has plenty of these things to offer, and she's so excited to be spending a semester there.

Bowdoin College
Granada - Fall 2015

Meet Julian Barajas, a lovable ball of fun who's from Arlington, VA. When he's not trying to make it look like he knows how to play basketball, soccer, or other cool sport you think is cool, he's listening to music from his favorite artists such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, LFO, Jesse McCartney, Usher, early Chris Brown or pretty much anything else. He attends Bowdoin College where he studies Government and hosts a radio show, mentors hilarious kids, and explores the outdoors with the outing club. If you want to learn more about his wacky adventures and what kind of person he is, check out his blog where he posts rhymes, raps, poetry, and stories.

University of Minnesota
- Fall 2015

I'm Stacy Brumfield and I'm about to embark on a semester long adventure to the city on two continents, Istanbul! I'm extremely excited and passionate about expanding world views through experience; what better way to broaden my horizons than take my first international flight to a melting pot of European, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures?! Yes, MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT (I'm from Minnesota, and I've never even been to Canada!) Deciding to cross the familiar border of the United States, I can't imagine continuing my studies of sociology and political science at the University of Minnesota without seeing and experiencing the world through the lens of an unfamiliar culture, and then sharing it with you through the lens of my camera. It's going to be a beautiful semester!

Georgetown University
Rabat - Fall 2015

I am Junior studying in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. As a feminist by thought and a hipster at heart, I seek every opportunity to break the barriers, disprove the labels, and blur the lines.

University of Redlands
Barcelona - Fall 2015

My name is Alison Castañeda and I'm a junior double majoring in Communicative Disorders and Spanish at the University of Redlands. I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, California and I have a passion for traveling, exploring new places, trying new food, and taking tons of pictures. In my free time I like to go thrift shopping, drawing, taking trips to Los Angeles, and spending time with my family. Studying in Barcelona this fall is such a blessing and I couldn?t be happier with my decision.

American University
London - Fall 2015

I'm Chey - 20 year old college senior pursuing a degree in International Communications at American University. I love to travel and and experience different cities from a local's point of view by fully engaging in the local culture. I was born in Los Angeles and raised in London, so I'm really excited to come back and experience it all once again!

Hofstra University
Cape Town - Fall 2015

Cortney Cordero is a senior majoring in journalism at Hofstra University with a minor in creative writing. This New Yorker has wanted to travel to Africa since she was in Kindergarten. This fall, her dream is finally coming true, and she wants to share her experience with you.

Drew University
Santiago - Fall 2015

Hi there! I'm Marley, 19 years old from Maryland :) I am a cheese appreciator, lover of the earth, and hopeful human. I am extremely grateful to be in Santiago and hope that this blog helps to capture my experiences so that others may share in them.

De Paul University
- Fall 2015

My name is Kelly Cunningham and I am a Chinese Studies and English major at DePaul University. I love everything about languages-reading them, writing with them, speaking them, etc. I'm studying abroad to improve my Chinese and learn more about the culture.

Pacific Lutheran University
Dublin - Fall 2015

Hailing from Tacoma, WA, I'm a English Literature and Psychology major who is thoroughly excited to be traveling an studying in Ireland in the fall. I've lived my whole life in the PNW, so I'm interested to see what this new adventure will bring (although weather-wise it seems pretty similar!) I love music and dancing (badly) and I have loved reading and stories for as long as I can remember. I draw the most inspiration and creative juices from experiencing new things and ideas, so I know I'll be bursting with words to be written and stories to be told during the four months I'm away from home.

University of Rochester
Galápagos Islands - Fall 2015

Senior at the University of Rochester studying economics, sustainability, and art. Pursuing a career in the corporate world but not-so-secretly a nature obsessed forest kid from Oregon and New Mexico.

Claremont McKenna College
Salamanca - Fall 2015

My name is Micky Ferguson and I am a rising junior at Claremont McKenna College studying Government and Philosophy. I am from Pasadena, California, which, in 2014, was named the Snobbiest City in America. But I will be the first to say that the people who conducted the survey were probably just jealous because they know that we are better than them. I have a passion for photography, video production, and puns. I love taking portrait photography, but I like taking candid photos more - I think that photos tell more of a story when they aren't posed.

University of San Diego
Vienna - Fall 2015

Hello, hello! I'm Lauren Franklin, and I'm a junior at the University of San Diego. I'm an English major with a minor in psychology, and I'm trying to squeeze in as many theology and art classes as I possibly can. I would love to be the sort of student who's constantly found in the library studying away, but that's not always the case here: What bring me the most joy are grand stories, fresh produce, the green rolling outdoors, and creating and learning with friends who want to venture out together.

University of San Diego
Freiburg - Fall 2015

Hello there! I'm Layne. I was raised in Nebraska and am currently studying International Relations at University of San Diego. I enjoy learning, laughing, dancing, reading, connecting with people, and being outside. I think life is pretty amazing and I enjoy capturing it on camera.

University of Virginia
Paris - Fall 2015

Hi, I'm Katie Johnsen, a 3rd year student at the University of Virginia. I am a Media Studies and French double major studying abroad in Paris this semester in the Business & International Affairs program. I enjoying writing, photography, and exploring new places and people, and am excited to share my abroad experiences with you!

Grinnell College
Quito - Fall 2015

I'm Oonagh (ooh-nah), a junior at Grinnell College, and a Political Science major who fancies herself an occasional artist and a lifelong doodler. I'm very excited and mildly terrified to start my stay in Quito, but I'm very much looking forward to immersing myself in the language and culture.

Southern Methodist University
Sydney - Fall 2015

Hi, friends! My name's Claire Kelley, and I'm a senior studying journalism at the always gorgeous and green Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, eating pepperoni pizza, going places I've never been, smelling the insides of books, and yelling at people who litter. I am amped to check Sydney, Australia, off my bucket list, and even more excited to tell y'all about it.

Johns Hopkins University
Berlin - Fall 2015

Ruth Marie Landry is a junior majoring in the Writing Seminars at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. On campus, she works in the library and as a tutor for high school students. She is also a DJ for WJHU (Johns Hopkins' only student radio station) and the co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Vector Magazine, an online literary magazine. While growing up in New Orleans, she developed a love for spicy food, dancing to live music, and long, poorly planned road trips. Ruth enjoys big cities, Sphynx cats and Brutalist architecture.

The New School - Public Engagement
- Fall 2015

I'm a student at the new school university in New York City currently studying Creative Writing and Global Studies. I'm an avid traveler, an aspiring writer, an activist, and a performer. I'm currently chasing my dream of one day permanently living in Rio de Janeiro by going back a second time, this time to study abroad. I'm on my way to becoming the next David Sedaris with a touch of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love anyone?).

University of Richmond
Milan - Fall 2015

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, English and currently perfecting her Italian, it's clear why Jiaqi chooses her next adventure in the dynamic capital of Milan! An art lover and a free spirit, Jiaqi is now majoring in Art History and Latin American Studies at the University of Richmond. During high school, a month of staying with a host family in Helsinki, Finland opened the doors to a world of exotic saunas, lake kayaking, and inspired her wanderlust. A self-proclaimed travel sensualist, her favorite way of seeing the world is experiencing the culture through its people: she's volunteered in rural Nepal, conducted Holocaust research in Poland, and has lived with seniors in Spain.

Wake Forest University
Nice - Fall 2015

I am a rising junior at Wake Forest University from Los Angeles, California. My interests are sports, hiking/backpacking, and photography. This next semester in France will be the first time for me going abroad.

Lehigh University
Freiburg - Fall 2015

Hi! My name is Isabelle McCarthy. I am currently double-majoring in Earth & Environmental Science and English at Lehigh University. Even though I'm from Brooklyn, NY and might be referred to as a "city kid", I also love the outdoors and exploring. I'm a big risk taker and am always down to do something out of my comfort zone. I am so looking forward to gaining some incredible experiences in Freiburg!

University of Virginia
Buenos Aires - Fall 2015

My name is Lucy McNamara and I am twenty years old. I am from Bolton, Massachusetts but am currently studying history as a junior at the University of Virginia. I am the tenth out of twelve children in my family, thus I am an experienced arguer and am considering law school! I love to read, write, cook, and take photographs, and I could not be more excited to share all my new experiences in Buenos Aires with you.

Columbia University - CC and SEAS
Tokyo - Fall 2015

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a junior at Columbia University majoring in Urban Studies and dabbling in other areas of interest like race & ethnicity studies. Outside of school, I like to eat, cook, take pictures, shop, have long conversations, and travel. Food, fashion, culture, literature, and music are all things I love. Black and gold are my favorite colors. Having lived in New York City for two years now, I feel quite at home. However, living in Japan is something I have wanted to do all my life, so I'm quite excited to finally live out that dream. From the local culture to the food to the fashion, I'm pumped to engage with it all during my semester abroad.

Occidental College
Tokyo - Fall 2015

Hey there! I am Onyekachi Nwabueze and I am a Nigerian born and raised in San Francisco, California. I am a student at Occidental College studying Cognitive Science, Education, and Linguistics. I love love LOVE to dance, sing, learn, try new things, and paint my nails. My current career paths include varsity athlete, big sister, wanna-be professional dancer, and villainous chiller (one who chills like a villain).

Miami University
Christchurch - Fall 2015

am a sophomore at Miami University in Ohio. I major in nutrition and have a concentration in Dietetics. "Home" is wherever I feel happy, and for that I find my home in many places. After undergrad I plan on taking part in a Dietetic Intership that will last about a year and then take the RD exam to become a Registered Dietitian. I am apart of the Miami tribe, and hope to give back and work with the tribe after I become a Registered Dietitian. I am hoping that my experience in New Zealand will help lead me to better understand how culture plays a role in people's health and diet.The Maori tribe plays a crucial role in being able to research and compare the different revitalization efforts from the Miami tribe.

George Washington University, The
Amsterdam - Fall 2015

Hallo! My name is Aniqa Raihan and I am a junior at the George Washington University majoring in international affairs. I'm hoping to take my international education beyond the classroom by spending a semester in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Join me as I meet new people, explore new places, and hopefully, find my home away from home.

Pomona College
Freiburg - Fall 2015

My name is pronounced like "Erika" (Erica and Erykah) with a "y" in front of it. I am the daughter of Honduran immigrant parents, and my hometown is Chicago. I am a first generation undergraduate at Pomona College. In my free time you will find me connecting with people, writing, reading, occasionally attempting to knit, watching videos on YouTube, and enjoying all things nerd.

Hope College
Barcelona - Fall 2015

Hi all! My name is Emma Ropski and I'm a senior sociology and psychology major at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I am a middle distance runner on the track and field team there and love it to bits. My interests include the sociological imagination, thrifting, lifting, daytime judge shows, and gorditas. I am so excited to share my study abroad experience in Barcelona with you!

College of Wooster, The
Nantes - Fall 2015

Bonjour! I'm Laura Schneider, a junior at the cozy College of Wooster, majoring in vocal performance and minoring in French. Apart from immersing myself in these two fields, I enjoy baking - while occasionally tweaking recipes, riding my bike, reading (especially outside), and playing (and watching) tennis. I lived in Bath, England with my parents my sophomore year of high school, and am so thrilled to be abroad on my own this time! After college, I am hoping to further my studies in performance somewhere in Chicago!

Haverford College
Rome - Fall 2015

My name is Kathryn Sommer and I study at Haverford College, a small school right outside of Philadelphia. I am a premed student majoring in biology, though I also have a passion for art, especially drawing and photography, both of which I enjoy the most when traveling. I was fortunate enough to grow up traveling the world, mainly Europe, as I was born and raised in Germany. On one of my shorter trips in my childhood, I have visited Rome and I cannot wait to get to know the city, the culture, and the people better.

Appalachian State University
Vienna - Fall 2015

Erica is a senior at Appalachian State University, where she is double-majoring in Flute Performance and Music Education at the Hayes School of Music. At school, she is heavily involved in performing and teaching, at the university and in the surrounding area. Erica has a fairly global background, having family worldwide and being raised as a bilingual speaker (English and Japanese) but this is her first time abroad in Europe. She is looking forward to immersing herself in Viennese culture and embracing all of the art and history that the city has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys running, yoga, cooking and baking, hiking, dancing, various creative outlets, and being introduced to new people and activities.

Vanderbilt University
Madrid - Fall 2015

Hey all you humans, my name's Ben, and I just happen to be living in Madrid, Spain! I'll be here total for 6 months (I came early for an internship), and I'll be sharing my explorations, the city, travels, school, highs, lows, I'm-not-quitesure- what's, friends, random people who I've never seen, and more! I've moved around a lot back home in the states, but currently I live around the corner from Milwaukee, WI, and go to Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN where I study Mechanical Engineering and (for now at least) Communications Studies and anything else that's interesting. Now I've gotta go and try and contain my excitement... I typically take headshots for other people, so a selfie will have to do...

Spelman College
Granada - Fall 2015

Camille Zoe Swinson is a junior International Studies major/Spanish minor at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. When she is not watching Netflix, you can find Camille practicing her Spanish, researching or discussing global human rights issues and feminism, reading, or modern dancing. The Washington DC native and aspiring diplomat also participates in Model United Nations and the Student Ambassador program on her campus. Camille is excited to explore and get lost in the cobblestone paths and ruins of Granada, absorb its beautiful culture, and make new friends.

Bates College
Siena - Fall 2015

I am a junior at Bates College, where I study English, Creative Writing, and Chemistry. Though I left the beautiful forests of Portland, Oregon for snowier seasons in Maine, I've discovered that there are valuable stories to be heard and told in ever corner, or coast, of the world. I am interested in people and the words they have to say, and I am thrilled to be in a city as rich with history as Siena. I hope to explore new perspectives of culture and life in Siena through words and photographs. Outside of story-telling, I am a varsity coxswain on the Bates rowing team, and I enjoy hiking, trail running, singing loudly in the car, and getting hopelessly lost in a good book.

Morehouse College
Shanghai - Fall 2015

Jonathan Thibeaux hails from Lafayette, LA and is a 5th year biology major at Morehouse College. A self-proclaimed "media enthusiast, writer, motivator, and certified dreamer,” he is working hard to catapult himself from a pre-medical past into the world of media and television. At Morehouse, he served as the Senior Co-Chair of the Campus Alliance for Student Activities, Co-Campus Based Leader for the Gates Millennium Scholar Group, Maroon Tiger Columnist, and Presidential Ambassador. Choosing to defer his degree for a year, he will be spending a year in Shanghai, China and Cape Town, South Africa for an immersive educational experience. Through his blog and affiliations he hopes to provide a safe and inspiring space for teenagers and adults to document and experience their lives, without the pressure to conform to social constructs. He hopes to one day work in Marketing as a television executive and possibly even becoming the talent of his own show. This fall he will be blogging for Shanghai, China.

Williams College
Dublin - Fall 2015

I'm a rising junior at Williams College majoring in English and political science. I love reading and running, Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling, pumpkin bread and pretzels, The Grapes of Wrath and green tea. I'm spending a semester in Ireland to study Irish literature and to work on my own writing.

Georgia State University
Nagoya - Fall 2015

I am a graphic design student at Georgia State University. I work in a number of mediums including drawing, painting with oils, acrylics, and watercolors, and screen-printing. I tend to draw inspiration from artists such as Chuck Close, Dan Flavin, Roy Lichtenstein, KAWS, and Jeff Koons. I also enjoy studying different artistic styles as a whole, including: surrealism, pop art and Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Other than art and work, the majority of my time goes to listening to music and attempting to learn anything new from photography to playing a saxophone to transcendentalism. **attached creative sample is titled "A Groovy Portrait of a Universal Soul". 19.5x25.5. Micron pen and watercolor on paper.

Penn State University
London - Fall 2015

Natalie Walden is a Junior at Penn State University, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in International Studies and Vocal Performance. On any given day, you can find her around campus singing with her a cappella group or drinking Jamba Juice at one of the HUB tables. She is a brother of Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity and one of the THON chairs of the Oriana Singers and Glee Club THON organization. Her talents include impersonating Britney Spears/Shakira and binge watching shows on Netflix (which she will not be doing much of while abroad...). Natalie has never been to Europe before and can't wait to share all of her amazing adventures across the pond!

Tufts University
Paris - Fall 2015

I am a cognitive and brain sciences major at Tufts University minoring in entrepreneurial leadership. I have been shooting photos since my freshman year of high school, finding a passion in photography that has followed me to college. I will be enrolled in the French studies program of IES this fall, working to improve my fluency in French.