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Illinois Wesleyan University
Santiago - Spring 2015

I am twenty years old from Chicago, Illinois. I am passionate about learning, travel, books, writing poetry, and taking pictures. I am always looking for a new experience. My goal is to be open-minded throughout my life. I am inspired by the ability to express myself and who I truly am through my creative work. 

University of Rochester
Dublin - Spring 2015

I am a student studying history, political science, and international relations at the University of Rochester, interested in pursuing a career in law and politics. I love to travel, read, and go on new adventures, the next of which is my semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland studying at Trinity College. I like to express my thoughts and opinions through photography and blogging, and have organized my class structure such that I am always learning new things about the world around me. I think its important to look at our past to formulate positive change for the future, and I hope that with experience in politics and history I can hope to contribute in a positive way to the world around me, wherever my adventures may take me. 

Santa Clara University
Nagoya - Spring 2015

Hi, my name is Ashley Bell and I am a Junior Political Science major at Santa Clara University. I'll be spending my spring semester in Nagoya, Japan and am very excited to share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy seeing Japan through my eyes!

Indiana University
Tokyo - Spring 2015

Mikaela is a junior at Indiana University majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages & Cultures. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she has spent the past few years enjoying life as a Hoosier while dreaming of the day she finally got to go abroad. Traveling is one of her greatest passions and she looks forward to exploring not only Tokyo but as much of Japan as possible during her semester abroad. She is actively involved in both her sorority and International Studies Honor Society, and enjoys reading, hiking, and drinking tea in her free time. She is so excited for the adventure that lies ahead and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Seattle University
Galápagos Islands - Spring 2015

Hello! My name is Holly and I love nature and the ocean. For four months I will be studying Marine Ecology in the Galapagos Islands. I can't wait study, live and explore one of the most beautiful and wild places in the world. Adventure awaits!

Grinnell College
Shanghai - Spring 2015

大家好!   My Name is Adam Dalton and I am currently a junior at Grinnell College majoring in Economics and Chinese Studies. I am originally from Mason City, IA and will be studying abroad in Shanghai with IES Shanghai next semester. Aside from academics, my interests including playing guitar, enjoying the great outdoors and running (I am a member of Grinnell's T&F and XC teams). 

University of Southern California
Berlin - Spring 2015

My name is Ali, and I'm a Political Economy major at the University of Southern California (Trojans!).  Ever since I was a little kid and found out that there was such a thing as "study abroad", I dreamed about doing it.  I'd stare at the famous Midwestern cornfields and wonder what it would take to go see the world.  I loved the idea of picking up and leaving everything, even if it was only for a short while.  Now, I'm living the dream and studying abroad in Berlin, Germany.

Scripps College
Nantes - Spring 2015

Chandra Dickey is a junior at Scripps College in Claremont, California studying Politics, International Relations, and History. She is really excited to journey to Nantes, as it is her first time out of the United States. While abroad she hopes to learn more about Nantes’ rich history, try a bunch of new foods and learn the many quirks of the French way of life.  

University of Mary Washington
Cape Town - Spring 2015

My name is Quinn and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in Psychology. After undergrad, I hope to get my masters in school counseling. I enjoy reading, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and exploring new places. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me during my semester at the beautiful University of Cape Town! 

University of Rochester
- Spring 2015

I am originally from beautiful Boulder, Colorado, but I am currently a junior at the University of Rochester double-majoring in Film and Honors Anthropology. While growing up, I lived in Shanghai for three years, but I have never been to anywhere in the Middle East before - a fact which I am very much looking forward to changing. I love exploring different cultures, making movies, eating delicious food, and being outside. While in Istanbul, I intend to extensively taste-test Turkish food, delve into the city and culture, and learn what it is like to go to a local university. I honestly have no idea what my future job will be, but I am passionate about eliminating institutional discrimination and hope to one day change the world for the better in some way.

Penn State University
London - Spring 2015

Hey everyone! My name is Tommy Gongol, I'm a Junior at Penn State. I'm spending my spring 2015 in London with IES and am going to be documenting my semester with photos and videos. A little about myself, I'm a finance major but am interested in the business side of film and television, I am on the club frisbee team and in a business fraternity while at school. With what little free time I have left I love taking pictures and making videos.

Penn State University
Madrid - Spring 2015

Born and raised under the bright lights of Chicago, I was under the influence that I had seen it all. After my first trip abroad I was hooked, and I realized I couldn’t of been more wrong. With a thirst for adventure I’ve set out to explore the unknown during my summers off from school. My travels have taken me from ancient pyramids in Mexico to remote rainforests in Costa Rica, and now Spain is next up on the destination list. I can’t wait for my time abroad and here I plan to document all valuable experiences and insights about my journey in Spain. Hala Madrid! 

Haverford College
Rome - Spring 2015

I’m your standard artistic mutt, head on the ground, feet in the clouds, brought to you by a serious case of wanderlust. Small-town Minnesota girl, ex-expat of Singapore, international traveler, art history major, varsity fencer, opera singer, aesthetics junkie, curious soul, gelato votary, far from home at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, making distance and immersion my teachers during a year abroad in Rome, Italy. You can follow along as I happily consume art and carbs in la bella città, but be warned I might not stay in one place for long!

Lehigh University
Siena - Spring 2015

Jessica Heymach is a junior at Lehigh University with a double major in International Relations and Sociology and Anthropology. She cannot be happier to be studying abroad in Siena, Italy this spring. Jessica is from Long Island, New York and loves adventures, whether it is hiking in the Adirondacks or scuba diving in Maui. She has a passion for photography and art. Traveling has always been her dream, and she cannot wait to explore and experience as many cultures as possible.

Indiana University
Barcelona - Spring 2015

I am a junior undergraduate at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, majoring in Marketing & International Business. I am also a member of the Kelley Consulting Workshop — a program geared toward building analysis, presentation, and teamwork capabilities for a competitive career in consulting. I am currently pursuing a career in Marketing Strategy and Brand Development. As a value-driven individual passionate about holistic health and well-being, I continue to search for new opportunities to contribute to the health and longevity of our people and planet.  

Hamline University
Paris - Spring 2015

Hello!      My name is Sabrina Kennelly. Currently, I am majoring in French and Communication Studies with a certificate in International Journalism. My interests include journalism, learning foreign languages, communication studies, social media, photography, and of course traveling! 

Tulane University of Louisiana
Rabat - Spring 2015

I'm a junior at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, but I'm from Berkeley, CA. I'm double majoring in international relations and Middle East and North Africa studies, and minoring in theatre design. My hobbies include foraging, printmaking, photography, eating, looking at beautiful things, hiking, and exploring. I refuse to drop the Oxford comma. If you are also a fan of those things, or want to know more about them and their Moroccan manifestations, read on.

University of Pittsburgh
Vienna - Spring 2015

Fionna studies Anthropology and Molecular Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Though she is originally from the Netherlands, she has spent the last ten or so years in California. Her free time is spent reading, horseback riding, nerding out about television shows, hiking, and dreaming of future travels and adventures. She is looking forward to spending her spring semester enjoying the life and culture in Vienna, Austria and the surrounding countries. 

Lafayette College
Paris - Spring 2015

Hello and Bonjour! My name is Haddie and I'm currently a student at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. I'm majoring in International Affairs and French. Which is why I decided to study in Paris for a semester! I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity. Being able to travel, meet new people, and experience different cultures is what I'm truly passionate about. La vie est belle!

Ithaca College
Sydney - Spring 2015

Hi everyone! My name is Marlowe Padilla, and I am a Junior Cinema & Photography Major with minors in Art, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Writing from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. When i'm not in class, you can find me exploring nature through various hiking trails, editing numerous amounts of photographs, or enjoying my coffee after my daily runs. While in Sydney, I am hoping to build connections and find a home within the people and places that surround me. With the start of this new adventure in my life, I am excited to see all the incredible opportunities that Sydney will have to offer. 

Ithaca College
Christchurch - Spring 2015

A native of Syracuse, NY, (US) Emily is currently pursuing her B.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications with Minors in Art and Honors. A curious explorer and outdoors lover, Emily's spontaneity and passions will one day lead her to all ends of the Earth.  Witty author, candid photo snapper, and avid dreamer, Emily plans to pursue a career  in the fields of advertising and/or design.  

Colorado College
Granada - Spring 2015

My name is Anna Suszynski and I live in Colorado. I will graduate in 2016 from Colorado College having studied to be an English major, Creative Writing Track. I love to read, ski, go to as many concerts as I can, hang out with my mom, hike, take way too many photographs, and get lost. 

Wittenberg University
Buenos Aires - Spring 2015

Hola! My name is Callan Swaim and I am a junior currently studying Business and Spanish. In the United States you can find me either frolicking in the cornfields of Indiana or perhaps strutting to class at Wittenberg University in Ohio, but in Argentina I will experiencing a whole new world. Stay tuned and I will take you on my adventures exploring though the life, streets, and culture of the magical city of Buenos Aires. 

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Rome - Spring 2015

Amanda is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Economics and Contemporary European Studies with a Philosophy, Politics and Economics minor. After graduation, she wishes to travel frequently while working with international trade and diplomacy. Her idea of a perfect day is enjoying an Orioles victory at Camden Yards followed by fresh crab cakes in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. She is excited to achieve Italian fluency,visit every Roman museum, find the perfect scoop of gelato and argue about soccer with locals at the neighborhood café.

Haverford College
- Spring 2015

I'm a student, a friend, a naturalista, a budding activist, a writer, a [email protected]/feminist, an intellectual, a Tupac-lover, a New Yorker, and a person in process all wrapped in one. I'm living on the hyphen of many identities that allow me to see the world in a critical, refreshing way; and at the intersections of many struggles and journeys that I would love for you to join me on. :)  

Seton Hall University
- Spring 2015

My name is Claire Vodicka and I travel to learn language and culture and grow as a person.  I currently speak English, Spanish and Chinese, with a little bit of Italian on the side.  I love to take pictures, especially of people; capturing their true emotions in the moment.  I'm just enjoying my time in college and documenting every opportunity I have been blessed with.

University of Virginia
Milan - Spring 2015

My name is Meredith, and I am a 3rd year Media Studies major from UVA. I love bananas, yoga, and traveling the world. I am also a fashion blogger and pursuing a career in fashion, so I hope to record how my experiences in Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world, shapes my future! 

University of Puget Sound
Freiburg - Spring 2015

2014-15 Blogger of the Year

Hello! I'm Kimberly Webber, an International Business Leadership major at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, off roaming around Freiburg and surrounding areas for the semester! My biggest values are happiness and genuine relationships so I can usually be found in a campus cafe, socializing while pretending to do homework; at work, socializing; or hanging out in my sorority house, socializing! In my off-hours I'm a portrait photographer where my greatest accomplishments include catching my subjects off-guard and eliciting a genuine smile or laugh. I look forward to documenting my experiences abroad and hope you enjoy all the photos and videos you see here!

Cornell University
Freiburg - Spring 2015

I am an Animal Science major from Cornell University with a love of traveling, nature, photography, and adventure. I like to explore through everyday curiosity. You never know what novel experiences await from day to day or what old experiences might teach about the new.

Villanova University
Quito - Spring 2015

I am a junior Environmental Science Major with a Peace and Justice Concentration and Spanish minor at Villanova University. I love backpacking, traveling and new adventures. I am so excited to be spending the semester in Quito, Ecuador and I hope that these posts will help you experience the culture and beauty of life in South America through my eyes.

Bowdoin College
Salamanca - Spring 2015

Hi I am Summer Xia from Bowdoin College. I have spent 16 years in China, almost 6 years in the United States, and I am ready to take on the journey to Salamanca Spain! I can't wait to start my exciting journey in Spain, getting to know the people and culture. I love cherishing my life by taking pictures and recording. Music is also my passion, playing oboe and singing my favorite jazz songs have become my daily routine for relaxing. 

William Jewell College
Amsterdam - Spring 2015

Although I am a Kansas native, I can honestly say I have never witnessed a tornado, tended to the farm, or religiously watched The Wizard of Oz. I am a studious college student who enjoys going into the city and testing new ethnic restaurants or going to a symphony performance on the weekends. This explains why my phone primarily consists of photos of food porn and Kansas City architecture. I study international relations and Spanish, both of which offer me a different perspective to the world beyond the Midwest. I often find myself distracted walking to and from class because I hoard pinecones and insist on showing my friends the ones I come across. 

University of Rochester
Oxford - Spring 2015

I am a Religious Studies major and Literary Translation Certificate candidate at University of Rochester, an aspiring academic of continental philosophy and/or intellectual history, a part-time writer and a life-long reader, a connoisseur of all things dairy, a glutton for podcasts, a procrastinator of uploading photos to Facebook, and, for this school year, a visiting student at St. Catz, Oxford.