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Gracias para todos!

August 31, 2016

Wow!!! What can I say? This was truly an amazing trip. It was an emotional occasion to say goodbye to everyone I had met and gotten to know so well in Buenos Aires. Everyone in my program promised that we would still keep in touch and visit each other whenever we were in each other's neck of the woods. I promised my Argentine friends and family that I would be back to visit them and that this wasn't necessarily goodbye, but so long for now. We had one last night out where we partied and stayed out until 5 AM. I just want to give one huge thank you: -to Buenos Aries, Argentina for welcoming me with open arms; -to all of the staff at IES Abroad for helping me when I needed guidance or advice; -to all of the friends I have met throughout the program (you were all too funny); -my house mom for dealing with my weird American accent and Spanglish; -to my housemates for hanging out with me because you actually wanted to do so; -every person I ever got a chance to practice my Spanish with in the city (I attribute my quick development to you!); -my teachers for enlightening my perspective on the world as well as pushing me to do better each day in class. However, last but not least, I want to thank my wonderful mom for letting me have this experience of a lifetime! Thanks everyone for following me on my journey. Adios for now! -Rikki Porter

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