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California Waiting

January 15, 2017

I sat thinking to myself the other day, “I have plenty of time left to get my visa, I’ll just do it later – I don’t leave for over a month.” Then I thought, “WOW – I leave in a month!”

So, for the past month I’ve been back home working, studying for the LSAT (don’t ask me if I plan on going to law school), and spending time with family and friends. I’ve only managed to complete a few, minor tasks necessary for my semester abroad in Sydney, Australia, a journey that begins on February 19, just over a month from today (5 weeks to be exact).

This realization that I would be out of the country, on another continent, and in 2 completely new hemispheres in about a month was tough to swallow at first. But then this epiphany got me thinking. I should not spend my time excitedly waiting for my trip to begin. Nor should I spend my time anxiously waiting for my trip begin. If I spend my next month and days being overly excited or overly fearful for my time abroad, I will have wasted an entire month – I should be spending my life during the next month enjoying my time, otherwise I’m missing the point of living.

A new experience and a new opportunity will always be awaiting us. If we spend our time waiting for this next best thing, we’ll never allow ourselves to enjoy our current best thing. So for the next month, I will not spend my time waiting for the first leg of my journey, a flight from DAL-LAX (California Waiting in a sense) – rather I will spend this period enjoying time with my younger brother as I will be missing his senior season of baseball and his graduation while I am gone. This is the last time we will both be living under the same roof, and that is something to hold onto, not something to waste while California Waiting.

Similarly, in Sydney I will not be spending my days, initial or final, waiting for my return to the states and my reunion with my friends – No, that would be absurd! Rather, I will carry this lesson with me of being content and enjoying the moment to Australia, as I seek to enjoy every sandy beach, every hike through the outback, and every new moment I’m blessed to experience.

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