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Nov 7 8:10am

My Life in Rome: A Mid-Semester Review

by Maria

Life in Rome is completely different from what I was expecting, both in good and bad ways.

Nov 7 4:44am

Living in a Wohngemeinschaft

by Zoe

When most people think of a homestay in Berlin, they think of a standard small apartment in the city with maybe one person, a couple, or a small family. They have a roommate-type relationship with the host family that requires limited interaction. I am having the opposite of a typical homestay experience. I live with eleven people. You read that right: ELEVEN.

Nov 6 8:33pm

Learning New Customs

by Tabitha

Hola amigos!

Nov 6 3:45pm

What I Love About Italy and What I Miss About the US

by Matthew

Now that it is November, I have been in Italy for over 2 months! The time has gone by so fast and I have gotten to see and experience some incredible things. I thought I'd share my experience on what it's like to live in a foreign country for what I believe to be a significant amount of time.

Nov 6 10:18am

3 Countries, 2 Bags, 1 Me — My Big Solo Trip

by Betsy

This is my attempt to neatly pack six days, six busses, four nights spent in hostels, three countries, a million steps, a few too many euros, 810 phone photos, and 1,279 camera photos into a several-hundred-word post to release to the internet about one of the craziest weeks of my life. It’s not going to be easy, but hey, neither was the trip itself.

Nov 2 4:43am

10 Metro Commandments

by Christella

One of the benefits of living in Paris is how easy it to get anywhere within the city; There are buses, trains, Ubers, taxis, motorcyclists and my personal favorite, the metro.