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Life is a Beach, I'm Just Playing in the Sand

March 15, 2015

AUSTRALIAN SLANG OF THE WEEK: “How are you doing?” (US) = “How are you going?” (AUS)

There are over 10,685 beaches in Australia. That’s right. 10,685 beaches to surf, tan, and experience the beauty that is OZ. If you wanted to explore all of those beaches in one year, you would have to see 29 beaches everyday, for 365 days. This idea alone brings me so much joy.

I say this because there are so many opportunities to try something new here, which is what I have been learning to do upon entering my fourth week of living in Sydney. I have not repeated one excursion to this date, and I hope to continue this for as long as I can. With the limited time I have in Australia, I want to make sure that I can visit all of the places I’ve told myself I’ve wanted to see, and hopefully discover more along the way!

With over 6 beaches that I have been to now, its been hard to convince my family and friends back home that I’m actually in Australia for school. I think at this point I should change my major to beach studies, with a concentration in white sand. My goal before I leave this country is to see at least 10-15 beaches! At the rate that I am currently going, I will most definitely achieve this and even more.

Check out some of my favorite photos of the beaches I’ve been to, and what I think of them! Enjoy!




(Bondi Beach) Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most popular beaches. We had to take a train and a connecting bus to reach the beach from Newtown, but the ride wasn’t painful at all! One of my favorite things about Bondi Beach is the graffiti wall where artists create magnificent works along the boardwalk. This mural in specific was one of my favorites!



(Coogee Beach) Coogee Beach has to be one of my favorite beaches here in Australia. There is just something so quaint and awfully calming about the beach that brought me so much happiness. The Coogee Baths in specific, are neat little coves where you can swim in as well. The Coogee Rocks are also gorgeous and fun to walk along. I had to stop myself a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t in heaven with all of these beautiful scenes.


(Manly Beach) Manly Beach is a vibrant beach with lots of people surfing and catching some rays.  To reach this beach, I had to take a bus as well as a “wharf” or ferry, which was very cool. Unfortunately, during my one time visit there was an outbreak of Blue Bottled Jellyfish. My friend was unlucky enough, as she happened to get stung! With help from the local beach paramedics, she was able to ice it with pain lasting only 20-30 minutes. One has to keep safety in mind even while attending the most prettiest beaches in the world!


(Nelson Beach) I can’t even begin to explain the reactions my friends and I experienced after stepping forth onto this beach in Port Stephens. I’ve never been one to travel to exotic places, but I have never seen sand so white before in my life! The water is crystal blue, with beautiful views of mountains and boats in the distance. 


(Zenith Beach) Ironically enough, I’ve only seen Zenith Beach at night! Zenith Beach was one of the beaches we happened to stumble upon after our hike in Port Stephens. You can see a beautiful view of the beach and the mountains from Tomaree Head Lookout if you get the chance. Seeing the moon reflected in the water was something that I will never forget. I hope to see what it looks like in the daytime sometime soon!


(Chinaman’s Beach) Chinaman’s beach is surprisingly a 45 minute trip from my apartment in Newtown, New South Wales. This beach is a hidden gem among most beaches near Sydney.  My friend and I were fortunate enough to be on this beach with only 6 other people. Having the beach practically to ourselves and enjoying the wonderful views, definitely made me feel guilty that my friends and family were dealing with all the snow back home! If you like privacy and want to escape the crowds, this beach is the one for you!


Wishing you all the sunshine from Australia’s 10,685 beaches :) Cheers!

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