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The Countdown Begins

April 5, 2016

It is now April, which means I have less than one month left in Nice. I have planned this month out very carefully by not planning anything. I have decided to be done with weekend trips; instead, I would like to enjoy my last month making sure I get the most out of the city I chose to study in.

Also, totally unrelated, traveling is expensive and guess who is starting to feel like she should maybe save some money? This girl.

Truly though, I am looking forward to getting to know Nice and feeling even more like I have found a home here. And since I have spent much of the semester traveling on the weekends, I have a small list going of things that I would still like to do before I leave this beautiful city.

  1. Go to Musée Matisse This has been on my list of places to go since the beginning of the semester! On top of that, I can get in for free with my student ID. What have I been doing that is not this??
  2. Climb Mont Boron This is a popular high point in Nice, and a good hiking spot! I swear I didn’t bring tennis shoes for nothing.
  3. Try every flavor of gelato at Fenocchio’s Unless I decide to also live in Italy at some point, I think this might be the best gelato I ever have in my life. They have dozens of flavors, and I have yet to be disappointed. So, bring on the gelato.
  4. Go for a run along the Prom When else in my life will I be able to exercise next to the Mediterranean Sea? Plus, I should probably give my cheese/bread/Fenocchio’s diet some balance.
  5. Have a beach day Again, with the whole living on the sea thing. Although for this one, I might go to a neighboring town for their sand beaches. Rocks are comfortable to sit on for only so long.
  6. Go to the Honey Festival! This one got an exclamation point so you know it’s real. And it might be cheating a little bit, this also takes place in another town on the French Riviera, but this festival on my list and no one and nothing will stop me from trying all types of sweet, sweet honey.
  7. Eat kebab This is the ultimate late-night snack in Nice, but I have yet to eat it past 7pm. Midnight kebab would not only fulfill this list, but also my stomach.
  8. Eat an entire baguette Ok, this might sound pretty gluttonous, but this isn’t something completely unheard of here. Plus, when a baguette is under 1€…what better way to say goodbye to France?

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